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Pence told Trump he doesn’t have power to block certification of Biden win

Pence told Trump he doesn’t have power to block certification of Biden win

According to reports, VP Pence has informed President Trump that he does not have the authority to challenge the results of the 2020 election. This came soon after Trump claimed on Twitter that the vice president ’has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.’ At a rally in Georgia, Trump said he hoped Pence would ’come through for us’ during the certification.

Tom A
Tom A
M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 3 months

Well, would be a quite autocratic system and sure as hell other VP would have tried it already if a person so close to the sitting president could singlehandedly decide to theow out ballots from certain states. The US is currupt and not a real democracy (with republic being a form of democracy...) but its not that openly corrupt...

Forsaken 3 months

now pence is going to get death threats from the right

James G.
James G. 3 months

That (Pence’s power in all this) acid still up in the air. While I would hope a Supreme Court ruling would limit the influence of the VP of their own election, that is not known and letting a case go through the courts would be the best way to solve this issue before the new president is (officially) chosen. Instead Pence will play by the Robert’s Rules of Order and simply hope that all following VPs will do the same.

Jon 3 months

Duh. It's over this is the saddest coup attempt in history.

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