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NY air traffic controllers hear ’threat’ over their frequency, FBI enters probe

NY air traffic controllers hear ’threat’ over their frequency, FBI enters probe

Several New York air traffic controllers have reported hearing a message over their aviation frequency threatening to avenge the assassination of top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani. CBS reported the message came on Monday, exactly one year after Soleimani was killed in a US drone strike on President Donald Trump’s. Media reports said the FBI is probing into the breach of frequency.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 5 months

The globalist deep state and the military industrial complex already reving up for non stop conflicts and war. You ppl voted(or stole it) but soon you'll have it. A mere 2000 bucks and a 6 month to a year complete lock down. You thought the tyrants and dictators in leftist state was bad the last year it will be on hyper drive now. Stock market crash then hyperinflation so that 2000 bucks will be the equivalent of 500 bucks. Thankfully me my family and friends have enough money, food, supplies and enough guns and ammo to support a small town. May GOD somehow help those who need it

Alyse 5 months

Trump just had to endanger America on his way out. His military generals told him to not make any moves towards Iran but he just can’t help himself

Doug 5 months

It's all okay. Biden knows how to take care of hostile Iranians. Just send them planes filled with cash.

Chance 5 months

Well, this can't go well

Cole. 5 months

Give it 6 months and we'll be bombing middle eastern kids again

Howard 5 months

Yeah the FBI will be tracking that down. Those frequencies are so heavily monitored.

marty 5 months

False flag?

Veikko 5 months

Luckily the current administration is on the top of their game and also helping the next one to get a good start. No... wait....

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