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WHO’s ’disappointed’ Tedros says China blocking probe into origins of Covid-19

WHO’s ’disappointed’ Tedros says China blocking probe into origins of Covid-19

The World Health Organization’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said China was blocking the entry of the organization’s experts to probe the origins of the new coronavirus. Tedros said he was ’very disappointed’ by Beijing’s action and said the experts were already leaving their home countries to visit China. The experts plan to travel to Wuhan, where the virus was first reported.

James 2 months

Given the public outcry with China's lies so far and the fact Tedros and WHO cozied up and supported the spreading of those lies, China knows this time WHO would have to be a little more truthful if they are to regain any semblance of respectability with the rest of the world.

MyVoice 2 months

China has something to hide. Get it confirmed they are at fault and Impose worldwide sanctions on china. All their foreign assets should be seized and distributed to all who have been infected and families who have lost their loved ones.

TheDadJokeGuy 2 months

If China really is in control of the WHO, as many have been led to believe, they're shooting themselves in the foot with this

Joseph 2 months

Say it with me people! China lied, people died

David 2 months

But China said it was from India.

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 2 months

He shouldn't have cozied with China so much. Too late. But I hope it's not too late for the US to re-enter in the WHO and keep Chinese influence away.

Seekster 2 months

The only surprising thing here is that the WHO is actually not praising China in this instance.

Distructer Distrorer
Distructer Distrorer 2 months

Ah yes, there just ‘disappointed’ by them hiding possible secrets of a globally affecting virus.

Reijiro 2 months

Wasnt it china who financially backed this guy against that french candidate? WHO should condemn lack of cooperation and not be simply “disappointed”. I dont care how much money china “donated” to this guy. This isnt the china health organization.

OUTRAW mf 2 months

He's not mad he's just disappointed

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