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Rapper Dr Dre suffers brain aneurysm, admitted in ICU

Rapper Dr Dre suffers brain aneurysm, admitted in ICU

Rapper and music producer Dr Dre has been admitted in an intensive-care unit at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after he suffered a brain aneurysm. He is recovering now. In an Instagram post, Dr Dre said: ’I’m doing great and getting excellent care from my medical team. I will be out of the hospital and back home soon.’ He also thanked the medical professionals at Cedars.

Doug 1 months

Public service announcement: this could very well bankrupt the average person, even with some kind of health insurance. Why we need medicare-for-all.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 1 months

What a dick, doesn't he realize we need room in the ICU's for the COVID people. /S

Ryan 1 months

I thought dr. Dre was already dead in Eminem basement ?

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 1 months

Geez, that must be scary. Hope he is well and home soon.

Datzik Legendz
Datzik Legendz 1 months

Keep ya head bobbin 💀

ken taro
ken taro 1 months

first doom now this

Billy 1 months

Godspeed Dr. Dre. We are all pulling for you.

FriedChicken 1 months

I wish him good health and a speedy recovery.

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