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Georgia Senate runoffs: Democrats win one, lead by wafer-thin margin in another

Georgia Senate runoffs: Democrats win one, lead by wafer-thin margin in another

Democrat Raphael Warnock won one of Georgia’s two Senate runoffs in a tight contest versus incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. Warnock has an unbeatable lead of 50.6% against 49.6% with 98% of votes counted. The other race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue is heading for a photo finish. With 98% of votes counted, Ossoff leads by 50.19% to 49.81%.

Jon 3 months

A great day for Americans. Hang in there fellow Americans we will get those checks to you that the Republicans even refused to vote on. Looking out for your interests like always while you continue to vote AGAINST your own...

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 3 months

I think these seats would have been victories for the Republicans had Trump not alienated Georgia voters by wanting to throw out all the state's votes on the baseless election fraud claims. The call over the weekend trying to bully Georgia officials certainly didn’t help the cause. Especially since Georgia did 2 separate recounts after the election. I think that Trump has shown the country that he is not about making the country great, or helping the Republican party to maintain the Senate Majority. He is all about himself.

Lcifer 3 months

Well looks like the poverty line is about to go up massively as we all know the democrats general plans for the country which literally translates to massive increase in cost of living wonderful.........

Aleks 3 months

The fascist adventure of trump is coming to and end. Jail the P.o.S.

Mpcooner 3 months

Now just watch as the Democratic Party tears itself apart. Once they have complete control I don’t see the far left and moderates getting along. It’s time they put up or shut up. They have at least 2 years to prove their way of doing things works. They have nobody to blame if they don’t get things done.

a commoner
a commoner 3 months

Bend over folks. (Especially middle class) cuz we are going to get it in the rear big time. Should I sign over my paycheck/401 K etc. now or wait until they come for it

Delterra 3 months

Maybe 2021 will be as good as 2020 was bad, *knocks on wood*🥳🥳

MIDESSA 3 months

Atta boy Moscow Mitch between you and tRump the GOP is gotta take a step back. Now add the same number of judges that where stolen times 3 just becouse they can. It's what Mitchy boy did so why not? Hey it's only wrong if you can't get away with it, right Mitch?

Foy 3 months

Would you like a mint? But it is wafer-thin.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

This is fantastic for america and it's ppl. Finally we can get things done and help the AMERICAN ppl. That's going to be a lot more then what the republicans have done.

Patrick 3 months

Good! Now we can blame the Democrats for all our problems. Starting to see the real problem yet?

ElNittyGritty 3 months

#MinorityMitch, no mercy 2021

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 months

Republicans are probably dum enough to still make McConnell minority leader.

Csaba 3 months

Very sad!!

S 3 months

Bwahahaha! Time to add 3-4 Supreme Court Justices!

Jon 3 months

It's a shame we have a delusional right wing democrat as President who thinks Republicans can be worked with.

Brisa 3 months

I know Cheeto is pressed. I know Cheeto’s assistant is pressed. I know turtleneck McCONnell is pressed. I know. I know the G.NO.P is pressed. The Great OPPRESSIVE PARTY IS PRESSED. So Pressed.

Matt 3 months

It's extremely bad that democrats have taken compete control of the government otherwise I would say it's good he lost control

Doug 3 months

I bet Fulton County finds some missing ballots somewhere.

Csaba 3 months

Bet there will be no more checks coming!!!!

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