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No charges filed against officer who shot Jacob Blake

No charges filed against officer who shot Jacob Blake

A prosecutor in Wisconsin refused to charge the officer who had shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back, last year, during a domestic dispute call. The officer who had shot Blake had claimed to be acting in self-defense during the struggle with Blake. Following the ruling, protesters took to the streets in Kenosha, where the incident had taken place.

Tom A
Tom A
Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 3 months

It would have happened anyway. They dont need justfication they just need an excuse

Shawn 3 months

Good! Screw that criminal

FactCheckerNeil 3 months

Could someone explain what I'm missing here? We now have the facts and turns out he was armed all along and attacked an officer with a knife just before he was shot. He was about to get into a stolen car with a child in the back and they had already tried restraining him as well as several tasers. I've not had any replies from comments I left on far left YouTubers today!

Martin 3 months

Police are nothing but a bunch of lifetakers.

Custodio 3 months

Until We stop condoning the senseless acts of some in law enforcement who are trigger happy this sort of tragedy will fester. When a white man can go 125 mph and cross several jurisdictions, causing harm to human life and is apprehended w/o one shot being fired, then there’s something seriously wrong with Our justice system. We’re suppose to be better than that. So why do We refrain so hard to be the best We can be? Why indeed?!!

Jane 3 months

The corruption in this country knows no bounds does it.

Brutus 3 months

He should have been charged for missing

Nunya 3 months


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