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DC on high alert as Trump supporters flood capital to protest election result

DC on high alert as Trump supporters flood capital to protest election result

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel, including local police, National Guard and federal uniformed officers, have been mobilized across Washington, DC as tens of thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters are pouring into the city. They plan to hold rallies on January 7 to protest the election result. Already, the mayor has urged residents to stay at home and banned guns in the rallies.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 5 months

Love those choice of words. Seeking courts to actually hear cases of obvious fraud is fueling unrest. Meanwhile for the past four years the left has fueled massive division and unrest.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 5 months

“For those Republicans braving the inevitable backlash, they’re now feeling the withering, unforgiving, relentless, and largely unthinking power of today’s conservative misinformation machine.” “One thing that does surprise and disappoint me is the degree of disinformation,” Massie, a republican, said. “Some of the outside agitators—not my colleagues, but outside agitators—are giving the public the impression that if they come to D.C., that they could cause enough people in that chamber to reject enough Biden votes that Trump has a path to re-election, which is absolutely false.” Please take this republican’s advice—fact check what you read before you believe it to be true even if it fits your confirmation bias. Also, do not immediately disregard information the other side gives you—research it for yourself. This recommendation goes for righties as well as lefties and everyone in between. There is a lot of dangerously disingenuous information out there and this is what helps divide us and that is just what the elites want.

Kevin 5 months

The media is lying again what else is new I wouldn't believe the mainstream media if they said day was light and night was dark

Xavier 5 months

50 legal cases were taken to court and 50 legal cases lost for Trump. Allah, just take a hint.

Chance 5 months

"Articles of various views"

justsayin 5 months

Nothing appears to be on fire yet... I guess BLM didn’t show up!

Chaos 5 months

Put them down like the rabid dogs they are

bill 5 months

Remember, These are fascist wannabes. Fire at will.

Doug 5 months

The leftists are soooo scared. If they play this wrong, their heads will roll.

Admiral Jezza
Admiral Jezza 5 months

>when leftists do it "It's a peaceful protest" >when the right do it "reeeee it's rioting"

Monique 5 months

It’s over don’t be a sore loser be happy

William Sevier
William Sevier 5 months

You can override the Constitution with a flier posted on a lightpole?

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