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Two officers fired over police raid that killed Breonna Taylor

Two officers fired over police raid that killed Breonna Taylor

Two officers who were involved in the police raid that killed medical worker Breonna Taylor were formally fired by the Louisville Metro Police Department. Pre-termination letters were sent by the department to Detective Myles Cosgrove, who an FBI analysis determined fired the shot that killed Taylor, and Detective Josh Jaynes, who applied for the search warrant at Taylor’s Louisville home.

Tom A
Tom A
Shawn 3 months

Cops get shot at by thugs They return fire. And.... Cops get fired.....? This country is screwed. Y’all leftists are not going to like it when we rise up and take control. But we sure are! This is going to be a blast

coughdrop1989 3 months

Ummmm she was no longer in the medical field and had been revoked from performing anything medically since a dead body was found in the trunk of a rental that was under her name.... So yea they didnt kill a medical professional. Not even in the slightest.

Ryan 3 months

Kenneth walker had possession of the firearm one minute then it was breonna Taylor then back to Kenneth. Either way the media and the internet has fucked up this story . Those cops are justified . Breonna Taylor didn't die sleeping in her bed. LWM is a joke.

Johnny 3 months

Absolutely right. Her shady history doesn’t automatically mean a cop becomes judge jury and executioner.

Ben 3 months

Good, now charge them with murder

J 3 months


Mars 3 months

And what exactly was the cause for termination? I’m assuming it had nothing to do with this since ther were not found guilty of wrongdoing.

Indo 3 months

No wonder gunmen turn cops. Kill then just get kicked off yer job. So what's another life outta eight billion strong.

Glen 3 months

Fired for doing their job.

Elliott 3 months

Now arrest and convict them

Doug 3 months

The great satisfaction of a rewarding career in law enforcement.

nsmith2016 3 months

But weren't convicted

shawn 3 months

Fired... that’s it?

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