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GOP Congressman Demands Trump Call Off Protests

GOP Congressman Demands Trump Call Off Protests

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, the only Republican in Wisconsin’s delegation to oppose the challenges to Joe Biden’s win, called on Trump to stop the protests in a video posted on Twitter.

Helen C
Helen C
IIzard 2 months

No. You burned cities. You cheated. You didn't give us our day in court. The deep state loses tonight.

Liberty and Truth
Liberty and Truth 2 months

President Trump literally already told people to go home peacefully, and his message is actually being censored by Twitter.

TaxTheRich 2 months

Yeah sure, the guy who said "stand back and stand by" and who is so open with dogwhistles and these people who have been fed a false Reality by Donald Trump about election fraud will give any orders. He's upset and his chud reactionary will LARP for him, like you know and instead of rising up for the people.. Or rising up because of the financial position they're in, or the worker rights that they're subjected to, no their mad because Trump is upset. It's not like these people have read Das Kapital and are class conscience. Nope.

Doug 2 months

OMG! He demanded! How stunning and brave! Not really. He's just another spineless GOP clod.

Jane 2 months

If I could afford it I'd move to Canada

nwhunt97 Gaming
nwhunt97 Gaming 2 months

No need.

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