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Twitter suspends Trump’s account, threatens to delete his handle permanently

Twitter suspends Trump’s account, threatens to delete his handle permanently

Twitter locked President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours after removing three tweets for ’repeated and severe violations’ of the platform’s civic integrity policy. The company also said it will permanently suspend the account if Trump continues to violate policies. This comes after Trump tweeted a video aimed towards his supporters in DC, who turned violent resulting in casualties.

Mutatis 3 months

He also told his supporters to  “Go home with love & in peace”, though I guess because he did not talk to them like they were the scum of the earth it should all be censored. The double standards here are beyond ridiculous.

T a l
T a l 3 months

Seems like a brilliant idea. I’m sure locking the social media accounts of the President of the United States won’t further inflame half of the country or anything.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 months

All the media is corrupt. President trump has always been alone and had no true backers. Shame on the media and everyone who was against trump.

Randy 3 months

I think the protest was a positive event after over four years of rioting and destruction and murder by the left, to remember that other people can protest without destroying a building or attacking people. They even respected the velvet rope, for crying out loud. That's a riot? I think we ALL know that if that had been BLM, and a black woman had been slaughtered by the cops, we would all know her name, and the Capitol would be in tatters, and the news would be praising them for being so peaceful.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 3 months

Collapse? Parler and Gab are both rubbing their hands with glee, each hoping Twitter removes his account and he brings millions more users to one of their platforms 😂 Collapse! Hahaha

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

He's posting on Parker now a true free speech platform. This used to be but this app is turning into left wing suppression very quickly. And awful lying articles.

Martin 3 months

About time. The big orange baby is a menace. Spreading nothing but lies and conspiracy theories.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 3 months

Look at that Verge link - it's time to deplatform Trump...the f**king audacity

Delterra 3 months

He didn't even really condemn the terrorist attack on the capitol. He asked them to go home because they had acted without his direct authorization, and he'd prefer an organized coup with a larger force

Michael 3 months

What conservatives will never realize is, no matter how much you denounce or tell off a criminal crowd, it means nothing if you turn around and encourage them in between. These mixed messages is exactly why this riot started and is exactly why Trump should never have been president.

Jay 3 months

Silence the opposition! Don’t let them speak! I swear, MSM are the real fascists

Pryotra 3 months

So let's get this straight for a second. 1) Miltarized federal forces shoot and kill an unarmed 14 year airforce vet for the crime of peaceable assembly. 2) Congress bends over backwards to certify the vote, while openly mocking and belittling the unarmed protestors for littering, graffiti, loitering, and trespassing. 3)The leader of this nation is censored after repeatedly calling for peace, and even after his apparent concession they are trying to impeach and remove him again. If you think for a moment that this will quell the violence, you haven't been paying attention. It's no longer about the election: it's now about the legitimacy of the Federal Government. And frankly, that died with Ashli Babbit.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 months

Wasn't he going to put anyone who vandalized a government building 10 years? But yeah he's a man of his word right?

paws🐾 3 months

Twitter grew a backbone far too late...

karl 3 months

Ahahaha cry losers cry!

andre robinson
andre robinson 3 months

Trump should just move to parler then.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

How to legitimize radicalism 101.

Eric 3 months

Peaceful protesters

Johnny 3 months

“Special” as in “short bus special”.

SD 3 months

Big deal - for 12 whole hours!

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