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Cabinet members discuss 25th Amendment to remove Trump

Cabinet members discuss 25th Amendment to remove Trump

For the first time in Trump’s presidency, several cabinet members join some Democrats in asking Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, and have Donald Trump removed from office immediately.

Helen C
Helen C
Glen 4 months

Where was the media when BLM and Antifa were burning our cities. Now their worried about a few Trump supporters. Double Standard as always.

Aleks 4 months

Remove the MF he has killed 4 people already

Doug 4 months

Yet another story with anonymous sources. Won't happen anyway. People don't want to be targeted by all those Trump supporters.

Custodio 4 months

Just do it & stop talking about it! We have a maniac with possession of Our nuclear codes. Need I say more?!!

Jon 4 months

Then prosecute him for attempting a coup against America.

Michael 4 months

Would be a perfect ending to trumps reign

Forsaken 4 months

should've been done a long time ago

Seekster 4 months

Why bother when you only need to wait a week or two.

Randall 4 months

Trump has blown a brain vain. He's lost it. He's gone insane!

KB 4 months

Don't forget, this is the same guy that has the nuclear codes.

Bonnevil69 4 months

If coarse it’s Pooh his Pants Nadler involved.

E n
E n 4 months

What a miserable display of moral cowardice to only consider this now.

Jon 4 months

Should have done it tonight.

Chance 4 months

This late in the game it's only intended to salt a wound

Tylor 4 months

LOL just a bit late, guys, aren't we?

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