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Armed Trump backers storm Capitol protesting president’s election loss, 4 killed

Armed Trump backers storm Capitol protesting president’s election loss, 4 killed

Supporters of President Donald Trump, protesting against the election outcome, stormed the Capitol building and forced a lockdown. Many of them were armed, police said. One woman was killed in police firing and three others died of ’medical emergencies’ during the violence, authorities said. World leaders reacted in horror as the violent scenes were televised and livestreamed across the world.

Michael 4 months

This is INSANITY! I’ve been watching this since the recess in Congress, and this Trump rally has absolutely lost their minds. This has terrified so many people and families, it was uncalled for, and all should be considered felons from this day forward. They have endangered the lives of everyone there, including the capitol police and national guard trying to stop them.

Montgomery 4 months

This is what happens when you normalize riots. It is never the answer and should have been stopped 12 months ago What gets me is how different the reporting is though. And these guys haven't even burnt down buildings or toppled statues

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 4 months

"People have been taught for the last year that violence and rioting is not only an acceptable form of political expression, but one that works in changing policy. I absolutely condemn it, but this is the precedent that has been set. Unsurprising all aside are now partaking." - Lauren Southern I fully concur with her statement.

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