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Hong Kong residents call violence on US Capitol a setback for democracy

Hong Kong residents call violence on US Capitol a setback for democracy

Hong Kong residents from all walks of life and political leanings condemned the violent storming of the US Capitol. This comes after 18 months when protesters in the former British colony stormed their own legislature building while demanding greater democracy from Beijing. Even pro-Beijing residents expressed their dismay over the violence in DC. Most of them said it was a possible insurrection.

John 4 months

Because he didn’t. Simple. Oh, & those guys in the capital (one dressed with horns) are antifa.

Montgomery 4 months

Which people in Hong Kong? Was it all 7.4 million of them... or was it a selected subset, like the chinese government officials that live in Hong Kong? The officials love their puppet Biden so it was probably them... Or could have been selected group, who was selected on the basis of what their opinion was... The article literally doesn't state how they got their results. In a normal year it would be tossed out the window, but the corporations need to push their narrative to their sheep so ....

Alex 4 months

Two headlines in my feed today; one says that hong kong protectors don't approve of the DC riots, and the other saying that the CCP thinks the DC rioters are a good comparison to Hong Kong protestors. Big win for authoritarian left, since they're likely to agree with China on the matter. Everyone else is left scratching their heads.

happy 4 months

This is complete BS. I just watched a video yesterday of a number of Chinese Americans 100% for Trump and against Biden due to Biden being too supportive of the CCP. And why would anyone condemn what happened yesterday after the far left destroyed countless lives and communities with their looting and riots all of last year?

Aleks 4 months

When people of Hong Kong are worried for you... you must be in a dark place Thank you Hong Kong for the support

Robo 4 months

You mean ccp.

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