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4 dead, 52 arrested after chaos at Capitol

4 dead, 52 arrested after chaos at Capitol

Four people died, including one woman who was shot by cops, amid rioting on Capitol Hill. Three others died after apparently suffering ’separate medical emergencies’ near the Capitol grounds. 14 officers sustained injuries during the rioting. Police also recovered two pipe bombs near the headquarters of the DNC and RNC. Police made 52 arrests, including four for carrying pistols without a license.

KOAN. 4 months

4 protestors murdered. Welcome to Biden’s America.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

Let's unpack this: 4 casualties, you say? So three of the protestors had "separate medical emergencies" which is probably a heart attack or something. But it will most certainly be counted as a Covid death, I'm sure. So the body count is only one, not four. It's misleading to count auxiliary things like that. Also, 47 of the 52 arrests were for a 6pm curfew violation. That's almost 90 percent of the total arrests. Curfew imo should only apply to juveniles or disaster zones, not political protests or raucous gatherings. Idk what the other five were for, I'm hypothesizing it was for destroying a barrier or trespassing, perhaps several trailerboyz or pantie-fa members did some looting somewhere. So the instability was not as bad as the legacy media would have you believe. TL;DR more mostly peaceful than other mostly peaceful events.

Martin 4 months

If you call BLM protesters terrorists, but not these Trumploving protesters terrorists you have lost all credibility, and can go to bed. Trumpsters are hypocrites deluxe.

Vark 4 months

So if you're white and protest for fair elections you get shot and arrested. If you're anti American communist or BLM[GROUP not political ideology] you get to get away with attacking the working class for months, laws changed to let you out of jail, and mass looting.

Omen208 4 months

I get the new world order conspiracy theory, and while I don't necessarily believe it, I can see how it makes a compelling narrative to believe in. Regardless of whether that specific theory is true, there is the underlying truth we can all accept is that elites throughout history have used a variety of unsavory methods to divide and subjugate the masses while enriching themselves. I don't think it is so much a conspiracy as the culture, among western elites in particular, of hoarding wealth for their lineage at any cost. I think a desire to disrupt this culture and provide more opportunity for the masses is where Trump and Bernie supporters actually intersect in many ways. What I want someone to explain is why Trump has been selected be the right as the champion that is finally going to topple the oligarchy? He is a spoiled son of a wealthy new yorker, who started with millions and ended in extreme debt, with a shrinking portfolio of successful businesses. Granted, he has some natural talent for media and how to influence it, but he hadn't found a way to monetize that to the degree needed to save his other businesses. The presidency was just an out for him to escape deters prison and try to covert some of the media attention he attracted over his life into a monetary gain, hopefully enough to bail his businesses out. He has no interest in the masses, he wouldn't be caught dead walking around the neighborhoods where his supporters live, or interacting with them in any way, if he didn't stand to lose everything, he even said so much to a cheering crowd in Scranton PA. He is a part of the elite class, he caters exclusively to them at his businesses. None of the folks who showed up for him yesterday would be allowed within 10 miles of maralago. All one can conclude is that they identify with his racist beliefs. It has nothing to do with topling the new world order, he is just the first person in a generation to openly call all Mexicans rapists and all Muslims terrorists. Remember what I said at the beginning about elites dividing and subjugating the masses? Well that is what it looks like. Enflaming hatred between fellow workers of different backgrounds so that they will waste effort fighting each other instead of focusing on their shared enemy: a system designed to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few.

Rafael 4 months

That west Virginia lawmaker who was seen storming the capital building along with trumps extremist should be arrested immediately along with trump his son and Giuliani.

Tiggs 4 months

I just see sickness and depravity. I want to see some wonders coming out of the Democrats to help these people heal themselves from their afflictions the next four years, they are in dire need of nurturing and fulfilment... Shame on us all! Not just trump, he's just a con-man who looks for cracks to exploit and that's what we've got here! We can't just keep plastering over it! It's time to fix the foundations so we can move on together stronger.

sanderson 4 months

I saw an article talking about how different the police handled this compared to the George Floyd riots and I’d say that is very clear. The George Floyd riot was allowed to continue uninhibited for 3 days before any law enforcement stepped up. This was one done and over in a few hours as it supposed to happen with plenty of arrests to show for it. Talk about police bias. At least they are finally doing their jobs. Too much of this behavior has gone unchecked for too long.

Burger 4 months

Luckily these weee just a bunch of disorganized a$$wipes. Imagine what could have happened if a foreign or domestic terrorist cell were imbedded in this riot. We could have lost a third of our branches of the federal government. Whoever was responsible for security should be fired immediately!

Jon 4 months

Trump reinstated the federal death penalty just in time for these traitors to America. 👍🏼

Joseph 3 months

I have no issues with Republicans whatsoever, but the hardcore Trump supporters are simply brainwashed. After yesterday, how could anyone confidently express their support for Trump?

Rafael 4 months

Hey rocky you trump extremist lost your rights when you decided to storm the capital building. You're nothing but communist.

Rocky 4 months

Tip of the iceberg. Expect more and more of this as the police state attempts to take control of the citizens and remove more and more rights.

Custodio 4 months

Resigning now doesn’t absolve these traitors to democracy. You have blood on your hands and no action you take from here on will wipe the stain of guilt from your hands.

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 4 months

do these MSM morons realize that riot gear is used to keep people safe??? riot gear includes heavy armor to keep the cops safe and non-lethal weapons to keep the crowds safe. I'm disgusted that the cops weren't in riot gear yesterday from the start. that woman (a military war veteran!) is only dead because the cops were using lethal rounds to shoot into a crowd! absolutely disgusting that the MSM is spinning it like riot gear is somehow worse than lethal weapons.

Ellen 3 months

The seldom if ever arrested AntiFa, but suddenly cops are going after protesters. If these protesters were left wing we’d hear that the protests were “Mostly Peaceful “.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 months

How many BLM rioters did the cops shoot? None? That’s what I thought. Stop pretending they “took it easy” on the MAGA people.

Steve 3 months

A serious and public look at election fraud allegations may have circumvented the whole thing.

m 3 months

It is sad that people have died, may God bless all the victims and families. You know all the people died from covid! There is no longer any other kind of death.

Donald 3 months

3 medical deaths? Was a MASER being used.

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