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China compares storming of US Capitol with Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

China compares storming of US Capitol with Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

China drew similarities between the storming of US Capitol by President Trump’s supporters and the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, in 2018. Hua Chunying, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, pointed to US media using words like ’disgrace’ and ’violence’ to describe the Capitol riot and compared them to US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s description of the HK protests as ’beautiful sight to behold.’

Jay 3 months

Wow, I think I actually agree with China on this one. A bunch of people who are tired of being mistreated by their tyrannical government and mislabeled by the propaganda machine “msm” actually putting up a fight. Lol it’s almost like China wants us to sympathize with their communist government and not the people fighting their oppression.

Badr 3 months

What a bunch of shitty propaganda, and all the people that just "disappeared"?

Alex 3 months

Looks like China doesn't like when a small group of people finally decides that they'll have to conduct some more drastic measures to ensure their voice is heard and their government takes them seriously after being misrepresented by the media and their political opposition, and is constantly scilenced by big corperations. Kind of reminds me of some other people. Oh well, China always was a great role model for ethics and human rights!

Aaron 3 months

The LEFT flocks together, China sounds like the media except the media doesn't report on China's obtrosties as a token of unity between the two.

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