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Cohen says Trump’s cabinet should invoke 25th Amendment to boot president out

Cohen says Trump’s cabinet should invoke 25th Amendment to boot president out

William Cohen, former defense secretary, talking to CNBC, said President Donald Trump’s cabinet should invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office after pro-Trump supporters turned violent in the US Capitol, resulting in four deaths. The 25th Amendment outlines how a president can be removed by the vice president and cabinet members if deemed incapable of handling the presidency.

Sigfried 2 months

Why boot someone out who only has a couple weeks left? Why is the opinion even making it into articles? If you are anti-trump, please rationalize this for me, because it seems devoid of basic logistical thought.

porcus 2 months

Trump supporters were killed by police, they did not murder anyone. Unlike antifa or BLM. :D

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

And create more violence? Trump was not responsible for the actions of those people, and based on his statements didnt condone them. Still, seems like a waste of time unless Trump is legitimately egging on violence.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

“Trump supporters turned violent leading to four deaths” bro who wrote that? You’re lying your a55 off. Four trump supporters got killed by cops.

Skeptic 2 months

I think Trump should have been impeached and convicted -- and that the charges should have been much broader than what they brought. But I don't see any grounds for removing him with 25th Amendment and practically do not think it would have good effects. It would just turn him into a martyr and give QAnon more fodder.

Christopher 2 months

Trump’s cabinet is made up of sycophants. They would never use the 25th amendment to remove Putin’s puppet. For them it’s communist dictatorship over Democracy.

Custodio 2 months

It’s the only decent thing to do. Trump’s own people say he’s become unhinged. He’s obsessed with holding on to power. Those are the telltale signs of a dictator. If Our Government is to get a Good handle on this they need to invoke the 25th Amendment.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Alternate headline: Lunatic TDS people go into hyper-crazy mode. 669 days until we get a chance to fix this mess.

Randy 2 months

How shocking that an elitist authoritarian would want to use extreme measures against the other party, just because he can.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

The picture says it all. These people are not Trump supporters. They are opportunists from the unwashed side.

Montgomery 2 months

Wow corporate media is misleading the public like crazy again. What are they so scared of?

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 2 months

Lol! Yeah good luck with all that.

Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews 2 months

To be honest, those people don't look like real Trump supporters.

flinx101 2 months

Yeah, thats a non starter.

ken taro
ken taro 2 months

pLaY StUpId gAMes...

Alyse 2 months

YES 👏🏼 after yesterday we must!

Marshall 2 months

bit ironic he only has what is it, 2 weeks left? and they are trying to remove him for the 3rd or 4th time now, also he has no controll over his supporters like biden has no controll over blm but biden isnt being threaten with envokement of the 25th, or impeachment, so why should trump, also some would say "because biden isnt in office" shouldnt matter because he is going or running to be potus, and since trump should be held accountable, hold biden accountable for the billions upon billions of damage commited by #BlackLivesMatter &#ANTIFA destroying cities and small buissinesses for people who the media deemed innocent at the time but werent, like breonna taylor "she was laying in bed sleeping" she was in the halway, and if you watch the body cam footage here on this link her boyfriend said she shot at the cop, but its all a political scam to keep trump from exposing the deep state and getting them all out of office, mainly due to the fact no one had disliked trump when he ran/announced he was running as president as a Democrat, but in 205l15/2016 he announced he was running as a republican, rape allegations, sexual assult, racial claims/quotes, pedophilia allegations, criminal allegations, racialy motivated 'crimes', for example refusing a poc from his hotel, when it wasnt based on color, it was based on wealth class, next yall try to impeach him for soemthing he cant controll. #DeepState

Gaunt Dusk
Gaunt Dusk 2 months

I hate my species and want to move into the woods. Time to save up for a van.

anon 2 months

This is interesting. The situation is "deplorable". The movies is that it was supporters isn't it? However it very well could be, in this hyperpartisan age that there were political foes to help make the "protest" worse. Some will laugh of course that it is not possible. I challenge that counter efforts have happened quite often AT LEAST several times this year on both sides.

Jeff 2 months

1 minute is too many for a deranged sociopath to have access to nuclear weapons. It's that hard to understand?

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