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Michelle Obama calls for Trump to be ’permanently’ banned from social media

Michelle Obama calls for Trump to be ’permanently’ banned from social media

Former first lady Michelle Obama has called on social media platforms to ban President Trump from their platforms permanently in the wake of the rioting at the Capitol on Wednesday. ’Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior-and go even further than they have by permanently banning this man,’ Obama wrote in a post online.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 3 months

Why are drag queens always the most outspoken. It's not like anyone asked for his opinion on political matters. Stick to gender rights

Got Truth
Got Truth 3 months

Sure, ban Trump permanently. Anyone involved in raiding congress should be charged for rioting, including the founder of BLM as he was also involved in the Capital raid. Except BLM seems to get a free pass and can loot and burn anything they want. The horned guy has also been seen at BLM and ANTIFA "mostly peaceful protests".

porcus 3 months

HaHa! They are scared to death that Trump will run again in 2024 and defeat them, unless they can unperson him before then. Crazy that a despised former first lady is advocating for the utter ostracizing of an outgoing POTUS for no legal reason.

Bernice 3 months

Censorship again? This’ll just make things worse.

Mozgus 3 months

Big Mike always standing by with a hot take

BomberTheGreat 3 months

Still illegal

Eileeñ 3 months

I know trumpest dobt care about the truth what did Trump say we will go to the Capitol he said he was going to g to go with them yet he decided to go the opposite direction like a true coward that he is .just to watch the mayhem he and fox news and let's not forget Republicans .

Eric 3 months

Michelle, dude, chill.

Jay 3 months

I’m surprised anybody cares what this clown has to say, you were the wife of a president, which means you are no more important than the hobo I keep seeing under the bridge. But you know there are people out there who will hang on every word she says, just as much as they follow the silly shenanigans of celebrities. Absolute drivel

Josh 3 months


Mark East
Mark East 3 months

More censorship? Bad idea!

Aaron 3 months

Come'on doglady why you trippin?

Conlan 3 months

It’s tantamount to cutting out someone’s tongue for wrong-speak.

Ver 3 months

I suggest they ban spouses of elected officials, whose opinion is irrelevant as they were not elected nor appointed to anything.

Karlo 3 months

Alex Jones was banned, but it didn't stop him. I doubt Trump would suffer, but the notion that undesirables can be banned from what are effectively public forums at this point is concerning. It would do well for those who call for the silencing of their opponents that as the seasons change in nature, so does the tide of politics wade back and forth. Just because your feet are dry now, it doesn't mean they will be later on.

Brian 3 months

Go away !!

Viviko 3 months

Isn’t she the same person that tried to tell school kids what they could and couldn’t eat? Not surprised she’d say something like this.

Tim 3 months

This was only the second time she was ever proud of our country

Dawlben 3 months

Maybe ban all politicians? But then the world would run out of hot air....

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