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Seoul court orders Japan to compensate 12 Korean WWII sex slaves

Seoul court orders Japan to compensate 12 Korean WWII sex slaves

A South Korean court ordered Japan to compensate 12 South Korean women forced to work as sex slaves for Japan’s imperial troops during World War II. This is the first such ruling in a decades-old debate whether Japan should continue to compensate for its wartime crimes. Tokyo rejected the ruling and said all wartime compensation issues were resolved under a 1965 treaty that normalized their ties.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 3 months

I have to wonder how many more decades of Independence it will take for the country of Ukraine to demand the same compensation of the Russian Invaders who committed rape and crimes when they invaded Ukraine and exploited ukrainians as slave labor

Indo 2 months

If Japan were still the imperialists n Koreans the impoverished, this would be right. But after three quarters of a century its ......

Charlie 3 months

Finally! Sad that most of them never lived to see it. These women were treated in truly horrible and disgusting ways.

Jonny 2 months

Well now, isn't that just the cream on the Keiko. Lol.

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