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Elon Musk overtakes Jeff Bezos as world’s richest person

Elon Musk overtakes Jeff Bezos as world’s richest person

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has become the richest person in the world after reaching a net worth of $195bn. He overtook Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, who is valued at $185bn. This news came after an increase in Tesla’s stock price on Thursday.

Mozgus 1 weeks

Wonder if Texas is interested in making him their president after the secession? Man I need to move to Texas.

Kevin 1 weeks

Let’s hope some of this will be put back into spaceX for starship development!

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 1 weeks

So you get rich by making horrendous looking garbage vehicles. I guess tweaking your own stocks pays off.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Hey look lol donnie men that actually have what you claim to have. Lol. Betcha they would proudly show their taxes if they ran for prez. What y'all think?

Unity.Nat 1 weeks

I for one find it funny anyone supports Musk due to this guy's ègo, the way he treats others and his unaccomplished dreams that you can pitch in for. If anything he has managed to świndle many into believe he is all good with the memes and all but not everyone is so fòolish.

Timmeh, Little Loud
Timmeh, Little Loud 1 weeks

Didn't one of them have to give his ex-beoch a ton of his dosh 🤷‍♂️

Seekster 1 weeks

Musk responded by basically shrugging and going back to work. Musk is a visionary and for him the end goal is not the money.

Colton 1 weeks

All you Elon Musk fan boys are insane. The man is an evil, slave using, child exploiting, union busting, environment destroying, billion dollar having scum. How can you morons justify this man being this powerful

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 1 weeks

Only because Tesla is completely overvalued. There is no way Tesla is worth more than Volkswagen or Toyota who sell cara by the metric ton and both have quite good electric cars as well. And in difference to e.g Bill Gates, Elons Wealth is completely paper wealth. That’s the same with any founder who is wealthy only because the company he founded is so valuable. As long as the company is that closely tied to the founder that doesn’t mean a thing. Were Elon to say „I retire from Tesla, I‘ll sell all my shares, I‘ll focus only on SpaceX“ share price for Tesla would plummet and Elon would by no means be poor but not even close to be the richest man allive. Bill Gates was once in a similar position. Maybe in some 20-30 Years Elon will really be the richest person in the world. But right now he isn’t. Only on paper he might be.

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 1 weeks

Only commie idgets would ever buy those trash vehicles.

Indo 1 weeks

Now wouldn't that be real great thing !! If only money were not super duper hyper inflated as it is. Lighter than air he should be now with it

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

People should learn what Net worth means. It does not mean he is sitting on a pile of cash and not spending any of it.

IIZard banned again
IIZard banned again 1 weeks

Soros is the world's richest man.

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 1 weeks

It's not surprising Socialism always works for the Billionaires

Seekster 1 weeks

All hail the godemperor of Mars!

Arthur 1 weeks

Once again I ask why the media is interested in bull Sh$t of this nature?

Martin 1 weeks

Royal Saudis enters the chat.....

István Károly Farkas
István Károly Farkas 1 weeks

Literally useless piece of data. It doesn't even deserves to be called information.

Tiffany 1 weeks

One greed replaces another.

Andrew 1 weeks

Scrum, You obviously don't know much about Musk

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