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America loses 140,000 jobs in December, first monthly loss since April

America loses 140,000 jobs in December, first monthly loss since April

US employers closed 140,000 job positions last month. This has happened for the first time since April. This shows how hard the economy has been bit by the raging Covid-19 pandemic, which is showing no sign of slowing down as of now. This shedding left the country’s unemployment rate unchanged at 6.7%. Labor Department’s stats show employers have rehired roughly all the workers they can afford.

Dustin 2 months

America didn't lose these jobs. They were taken away by Governors abusing their power to shut down businesses and ruin people's lives.

Rocky 2 months

As the tides turn more left expect this to be just the beginning. They have no plan. They have no policies that can help us. They only have policies that will hurt us further and put us in more despair. Those willing to cheat, lie, steal, pillage, and r@pe the citizens are now in charge. Assume you own nothing now because they will take all. Stand up and you may have a chance. Comply and your end is certain.

Matt 2 months

It'll only get worse with that 6 week national lockdown that I'm sure just like the 2 week one will extend by like 50x so wouldn't be surprised if they try to somehow force a lockdown until Biden's out of office

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

The Biden effect

Julian 2 months

Covid didn’t do anything. Governos ruined the economy

Alex 2 months

And on top of that, I think I saw that some schools have a high of 40% of students that are taking this semester off since online learning is a joke.

John W
John W 2 months

Those are called lockdown job losses, only in democrat states. Boden promises national lock downs. Welcome to the second great depression.

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