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I wish Trump would ’do what Nixon did’ and step down: Colin Powell

I wish Trump would ’do what Nixon did’ and step down: Colin Powell

Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State said that he wishes President Donald Trump would resign from office amid growing calls for his removal after a mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol. There is currently growing bipartisan support for either impeaching the President or removing him from office via the 25th Amendment over his work casting doubt on the November election.

Matt 2 months

Honestly, with 12 days left, just let it be. I know they want to metaphorically hang him, but if he's really the monster they think he is, let him have his moment so it can be used as an example in the future. Additionally, and out of context, if he doesn't show up to the inauguration, invite Obama to take his seat and go through the ritual, even if it is unofficial. One final slap to the face of a man who is trying to cling to his 15 minutes, trying to not face the 16th one. It would also be a trip down memory lane, and definitely a part of history they will teach in schools. Just let him writhe until it's over. I voted for him twice, for not social reasons. But for social reasons, he can get a spoon and eat my a$$.

IvoryDove 2 months

Colin Powell, the guy who told us Saddam had WMD and was vilified by the Democrats, may get a moment of slow clapping from them, but tomorrow they'll be reminding us that he lied about the WMD.

Frits 2 months

I just hope it does not involve a pardon, like with Nixon.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

How much will the media miss Trump once they can't regurgatate story after story of someone's opinion about him and treat it like news?

Seekster 2 months

The dude has less than 2 weeks left. Just leave him be.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

The deranged left will not ease up until the very end.... Sad.

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