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$1.3B defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting against Sidney Powell

$1.3B defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting against Sidney Powell

Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine maker has filed a defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell, a former Trump campaign lawyer. Powell has on numerous occasions claimed that the company rigged the 2020 presidential election for President-elect Joe Biden by manipulating votes. The company has sought $1.3 billion in damages from Powell, who was cut from the president’s legal team in November.

montana 3 months

Whatever the outcome is, I hope at the end of this suit, Americans have renewed faith in their voting systems.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 months

Your country is strange, you have a constitution but refuse to defend it. One side clame irregularity in election they get 3 year of investigation, the other side do the same = they are accused on conspiracy and should loose all they have for not thinking like you and should be place on a "special list" of voted for a candidate but not of they voted for the other one. Rioting for more tha 3 month whit more thant 30 death, 250 injury, 700 000 000$ in damages and destroying small business is ok and you will be bailled out by a political party and Hollywood elite but protesting political result and avoiding investigation is not. Your country is very strange.

MIDESSA 3 months

There you go, you want to validate your point do it in court under oath. This won't go that far as she will settle out of court as there's no evidence to back her lies up.

Rocket 3 months

I love it! Bring it on you CORRUPT SCUMBAGS at Dominion! We all know your voting machines are RIGGED, we are looking forward to the DISCOVERY PROCESS that IS REQUIRED in ANY lawsuit. What a bunch of grandstanding CLOWNS! This lawsuit will be the final nail in your coffin!

E n
E n 3 months

I wonder if this is actually the lawsuit where she will show some, or any, evidence of her wild claims.

David Webb
David Webb 3 months

They have to file this desperate counter law suit otherwise it would be an admission of guilt.

O'Brien 3 months

Time will tell all. However the outcome is highly contingent on judicial rectitude and currently the courts and judicial system has a LOT of credibility to lose if the defendants are victorious. This case has to be scrutinized comprehensively and be pure as the driven snow procedurally.

Dino 3 months

I just love how all of a sudden the right has a problem with voting machines. 🤣🤣 As if this is a new problem. The left have been pushing for a paper trail for quite some time now.

Billy 3 months

If she had 1.3 billion dollars I'd be surprised but it would be great to see her lose.

cole 3 months

Hope they take everything she has.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 3 months

Will this be the last nail in the coffin for Trump's reign? Will we see smiling bright faces on the left media now instead of angry sour smirks from what we've seen for the last 4 years? Our problem and everyone's problem is an socialist opinionated media. Hell with fox news, cnn, newsmax, and many more. I want to see a complete study of the media for the last 30 years.

Patrick 3 months

Before any case is heard in court, a thorough audit needs to be conducted on the voting systems in question. I'm guessing that would shut a case before it is even heard.

marty 3 months

I hope they work with her on a payment plan.

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