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WHO tells rich countries to stop cutting the Covid vaccine queue

WHO tells rich countries to stop cutting the Covid vaccine queue

The WHO has urged rich countries to stop striking bilateral deals with vaccine manufacturers as low and middle-income countries are not yet receiving supplies. ’No country is exceptional and should cut the queue and vaccinate all their population while some remain with no supply of the vaccine,’ WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 3 months

Not really interested in what a health organization controlled by *china* has to say.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 3 months

So the countries that provide the vaccine shouldnt get it first? Okay give it to third world countries that dont produce any and let the ones whonproduce vaccines die

IvoryDove 3 months

You paid for it... You dumped billions into R&D, but now it's created, you must share with those overpopulated countries that did nothing... Because Marx.

BlunderingFool 3 months

No country is exceptional? bull-fucking-shit! Reality would like a word.

R_Forde 3 months

I volunteer to let the third worlders have my vaccine shot. I check back in a year or two and see if it as safe then maybe take it.

Alan 3 months

Countries like Australia actually funded the vaccine development in exchange for assured early supply if the development was successful. Now this is seen as cutting in?

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 months

The White western world is not obligated to provide for the third world. Those extras were bought for a reason and what Marxists want is irrelevant.

Roadhog 3 months

As you can see the WHO is run by literal communists

jo‌‌n 3 months

WHO is fake news.

Hrvoje 3 months

You’re all either very funny or very scarily crazy.

020jjjhjjh 3 months

Everyone forgot to put a /s in their comment

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

WHO are globalist evil shills

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