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Laptop stolen from Nancy Pelosi’s office during US Capitol attack

Laptop stolen from Nancy Pelosi’s office during US Capitol attack

On Wednesday during the riots in the US Capitol, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was accessed and a laptop was stolen from the same. Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Drew Hammill, took to Twitter on Friday announcing that laptop was stolen from the conference which was but used only for presentations. Richard Barnett has been taken into custody however, it remains unclear if he had stolen the laptop.

Jay 2 months

Uh-oh!!! They’re probably shtting bricks that the corruption and evil doings of the establishment will be exposed. Post the entirety of it on Wikileaks

Matt 2 months

Why was the laptop out in the open and not in a locked cabinet at the very least I work at a bank and if we just leave our laptop out they'll reprimand us and force us to go through a security course

Mad Max &Crazy Korra
Mad Max &Crazy Korra 2 months

How has no one figured out that that riot had to be staged? It was a distraction. The mission was to retrieve the laptop.

Seekster 2 months

Well now...this might potentially be interesting.

Viviko 2 months

Next thing we know, Nancy Pelosi’s emails will be leaked.

Forsaken 2 months

at least the perps took alot of selfies

Aaron 2 months

Its our deck. Right?

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