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Semiconductor shortage forces auto production cuts

Semiconductor shortage forces auto production cuts

Ford and Nissan on Friday confirmed they are cutting vehicle production at plants in the US and Japan due to a shortage of semiconductors. Ford plans to idle an SUV plant in Kentucky next week, while Nissan is reducing production at a plant in Japan. Automakers began warning of a semiconductor shortage late last year after demand for vehicles was increasing faster than expected.

Tom A
Tom A
O'Brien 2 months

Any thoughts yet on a name for the coming Biden recession? How about “The Bidemic”? Opening bid - I’m sure you’ll do better👍

Cormac 2 months

Sure semi conductor shortage, Not the fact car ownership is dying and there is demand? The sub prime motor loan bubble is about to burst and taxpayer funded bailout this time round both companies will be lucky to survive the year!

Franklin 2 months

Plus, almost everyone and their mom are making newer vehicles (shelf driving) too and probably need more of them.

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