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Federal charges handed down to 14 for role in DC capitol building riot

Federal charges handed down to 14 for role in DC capitol building riot

Federal authorities have handed down charges for 14 individuals who were allegedly directly involved in breaking into the capitol building in Washington D.C. on January 6th 2021.

Unity.Nat 5 months

Protesters charged for protesting against fraudulent vote.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 5 months

Interesting wording, these are rioters. Violent leftist rioters are peaceful protesters and are even encouraged and the media says that they have a right to do so.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 5 months

It’s kinda ironic that none of them wore face masks as they are easily identifiable without them! Too bad their dear leader never made that a priority before he incited them to march on the Capitol. Many also took selfies and posted on social media, ya know, just in case the Capitol’s security cameras didn’t get a good enough shot of them.

Doug 5 months

So no charges for the cops that took down barriers and waved the protesters through?

Randall 5 months

You can Phuq with each other, you can phuq with other countries, you can even phuq with space aliens but don't you dare phuq with the United States government. That will get you phuqed.

Doug 5 months

He can charge until the cows come home but its going to be hard to get convictions with so many videos out there showing law enforcement taking down barricades and waving protesters through.

D 5 months

Love how the leftist media keeps say violent protests. Those protests in Portland, etc, were peaceful, right. There is info out and pics of the Antifa people were there embedded and sure if any damage was done by them because that is how they do.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 5 months

Now do BLM and anti-fa. It's not like they rioted for 3+ months, caused millions in property damage, caused businesses to shut down permanently, caused the deaths of at least 30 people, blackmailed people, assaulted people, and just acting like terrorists.

Jeff 5 months

Many, many more to come. Every single identifiable MAGA thug who entered will be doxd at a minimum. Jobs lost. Lives destroyed. Freedom revoked. Here's the bitter half of giving everything for your idol.

Aleks 5 months

To the Trump.tar.ds on this app. Attacking congress is trea.son. You will be punished hard for it. And do not count on Trump issuing a pardon for you. He will let you r.o.t in jail without flinching he has only a sentiment for you guys.. dis.gust He has said so privately multiple times But hey don’t let me block you from on your masochistic altar...

Christian 5 months

Those serious charges must include Traitor Trump himself, who was the main instigator. He has cemented his place as the absolute worst President we've ever had. He is despicable and evil. Anyone who still follows him is either a complete moron or complete psychopath.

Atechs 5 months

Now only if people had this much fervor during the rioting when people died and Mom and Pop businesses were burnt to the ground... Peaceful protests are one thing however violence and destruction of any kind on either side should not be tolerated.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Calling it an insurrection is calling it skmething its not. It was more akin to a crowd forcing its way into Walmart on black Friday. They had no goal and were not organized.

Rafael 5 months

So do you trump lovers still think he's a god sent? I saw the face of evil on Wednesday when those trump supporters stormed the capital and it wasn't godly.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 5 months

Every Citizen In Western Civilization Retains The Inherent Right to Revolution. This was never about Trump. The left needs to get it through their heads. The Right, is simply fed up with the Lefts insanity, and your reckoning is at hand.

Jude 5 months

No mask wearing; huge paper trails on and off social media should make any serious investigator's work easy.

Thomas 5 months

Do Trump rioters get treated like other rioters? Are they Trump or Antifa or White supremacy rioters? Protesters outside of Capital Building should not be prosecuted, while those entering and again those damaging the interior even more charges.

Christopher 5 months

That gang that seized the Capitol building committed sedition and insurrection. They ALL need to be charged according and receive the maximum penalty under the law.

Kevin 5 months

Didn’t do this for the BLM violence...

cat 5 months

When you open the gates and invite people in, what exactly are you going to charge them with?

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