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Hope Hicks announces she is resigning

Hope Hicks announces she is resigning

Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump’s longtime press aide and senior adviser announced that she would be resigning from her post at the White House during the coming week. Her exit, however, is not linked to the rioting which took place at the US Capitol, she told colleagues. A string of Trump loyalists have exited the White House following the violence at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Tom A
Tom A
steve 4 months

Here it comes. Wait for it. The sycophants will turn on this one too. How dare she not display unflinching loyalty to DT. How dare she see through the fraud perpetrated by the dim witted , unhinged messiah of misinformation, and think for herself.

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 4 months

On a sinking ship when the water reaches the upper decks and you want to survive follow the RATTS!!🤣🇨🇦

V!!!!! 4 months

All the rats jump ship while the SS Trump sinks fast.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 4 months

With supporters and friends like need for enemies. 75 mill++ Americans are ready to defend the POTUS Ari. You wont be missed.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 4 months

As ti Hope- its sop for WH staff to leave and try to arrange another position while POTUS still in office. No news there.

TheDadJokeGuy 4 months

... Guys, I don't think the picture is Hope Hicks. . Edit; this comment was funnier when it wasn't her. Maybe it wasn't funny at all, who's to say?

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 4 months

It's listing....

Boo 4 months

Gone deep state - some say she was part of the Benghazi thing with Hillary.

Dee 4 months

I hope all his enablers are shamed to such a degree, their careers are over. All the people with reasoning skills saw this coming 4 years ago, nothing in the last 4 years was surprising to me and others... We saw it exactly as it was and is... I really dont understand how people dont see it...

Cognitive 4 months

Her back is better so she can return to her previous line of work.

Barry 4 months

Rats off a sinking ship

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

I have a mental image of a brackish swamp burping after it swallows an orange shaded man.

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