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Items left behind by rioters at the Capitol to be preserved as artifacts

Items left behind by rioters at the Capitol to be preserved as artifacts

Signs, flags and other items which were left by rioters who stormed the US Capitol will be preserved as historical artifacts in the House and Senate collections and shared with national museums. Artifacts, including pro-insurrection stickers and flags, as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) damaged nameplate, are being collected for preservation as part of an archive on Wednesday’s events.

Tom A
Tom A
Joe...✌️ 3 months

75% of Americans are moderate (only slight left or slight right on particular issues) including me. I wish the news media outlets started to recognize those who represent the majority (politically speaking.) Wouldn’t it be great if “boring” was in style and the Far Left and Far Right were out of style? ... if only for a moment and if only in my dreams.😀✌️

Margaret 2 months

Why would you want keep that stuff in a museum? Wow that will make all those rioters feel really important and special. I'd save it for evidence, then burn it all.

chris 2 months

I thought we were supposed to topple symbols of hate.

Doug 3 months

The RINOs have all come out from hiding.

Alex 2 months

Omg, how pathetic. News acting like it was soooooo horrible. Go downtown Portland and you'll see bad! I have, it's looking like a third world country.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Can we preserve the entirety of Portland as an "artifact"? Smashed and broken statues, burned out buildings, spray painted plywood, broken glass... might make a good artifact to remember.

V!!!!! 2 months

Recycle all that crap

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