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’I was astonished’ says Pope Francis on US Capitol attack

’I was astonished’ says Pope Francis on US Capitol attack

Pope Francis broke his silence on the US Capitol attack stating, ’I was astonished because they are people so disciplined in democracy.’ He voiced his opinion on the mayhem through an Italian news station adding that, ’There is always something that isn’t working … (with) people taking a path against the community, against democracy, against the common good.’

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

Just as every catholic is shocked by you taking 2 billion dollars from the CCP in exchange for ignoring the murder of Catholics by the Chinese Communist Party. Fake Pope not working for God but is working for the Party of Davos and their Globalist agenda of depopulation through manufactured economic collapse and starvation.

O'Brien 3 months

Remind me again, what was his take on a year of BLMantifa rioting with 40 dead?

Poopslaper 3 months

Oh no! the Pope doesn't like something! Since the Catholic church has such a good record of NOT touching little boys, we should take him really seriously guys!

Nikudemus 3 months

Blasphemous man who also runs a heretical view of God. You'll have judgment waiting for you.

Jack K
Jack K 3 months

Wooooooow, who cares.

BaFbF 3 months

Think he's scared?

Tim 3 months

You never see that kind of thing at the vatican

Evan 3 months

Pop amazed by antifa's bad playing of the team fortress spy class.

Indo 3 months

Hmm. Another astonishment. Wonder what else astonishes his holiness.

Joyn 3 months

The Devil himself

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