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US, UK, Australia and Canada come together to criticize Hong Kong mass arrests

US, UK, Australia and Canada come together to criticize Hong Kong mass arrests

Countries including Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Canada issued a joint statement Sunday expressing ’serious concern’ about the arrest of 55 democracy activists and supporters in Hong Kong recently. ’It is clear that the National Security Law is being used to eliminate dissent and opposing political views,’ the foreign ministers of these countries said in a joint statement.

Rocky 3 months

China isn't worried. They own the next American president wholesale. They know they will have a free pass to terrorize their citizens and act as poorly as they want on the world stage for the next 4 years.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 months

But not a word from those " leader"on the concentration camp.

happy 3 months

"Trump administration.condemns it". Biden Administration team supports it and wants to do the exact same thing to their opposition here in the US. Biden doesn't support Hong Kong or Taiwan.

a commoner
a commoner 3 months

America under Biden will support China. Their administration will be hunting down and canceling any conservatives. That's conservatives. Those who don't smile like sheep and accept the narrative.

Qanonsense 3 months

The United States has lost its right to police democracy abroad. It can't even maintain it in it's own Capital. I'm afraid this is a conversation America should respectfully recuse themselves from.

Glen 3 months

This is the future of America unfolding in front of our eyes. Americans are to weak to stop it and the socialist- Communist know it. The main stream media their voice have infiltrated the minds of most liberials, and they are not even aware of what is happening. Americans are about to lose their freedoms.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 3 months

If Biden comes out and condems China for their treatment of the Hong Kongans and Taiwanese and puts sanctions on China, I will eat my words.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 3 months

It's all ok according to New Zealand then.

Phoenix 3 months

I’m ashamed New Zealand is silent on this.

whatsGucci 3 months

Hmmm ThIs DoEsN’t SoUnD LiKe AmErIcA At AlL ... Wake the f*** up - our country is no different

Andromeda 3 months

A few months ago this would be hooray. However the UK seems to have forgotten it has practically banned protests, and carts anyone away that does so,especially those that go against the government.

Darin 3 months

All the English speaking countries have united!

IvoryDove 3 months

Joe Biden should send his son Hunter over on Air Force One to get things straightened out.

Dagelf 3 months

Upvote this article to get yourself listed.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 months

Why bother? The same thing is gonna happen here soon anyway. We are gonna be China in 2 years at this rate.

Scott 3 months

The USA needs to sit down right now. You have no credibility anymore.

Jackson 3 months

I thought the title was from an onion article for a second there

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