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Proud Boy leader Nicholas Ochs involved in Capitol rioting arrested

Proud Boy leader Nicholas Ochs involved in Capitol rioting arrested

Feds issued an arrest warrant for a Proud Boy leader from Hawaii allegedly present among rioters who stormed into the Capitol. Nicholas ’Nick’ Ochs was arrested on one count of entry into a restricted building or grounds and taken into federal custody on Thursday by agents. Ochs was arrested at Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, while returning from Washington, D.C.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 1 months

Well... Isn’t it interesting how fast the long arm of the law can show “results” in some cases, and in other cases the very same arm seems to be totally paralysed...

ShadowDreik 1 months

So even when it’s reported that he’s being charged with entering a restricted building, some people on the left are still calling it terrorism and treason. They make murderers and rapist into heroes and conservatives that committed any minor infraction into monsters. They wonder why we don’t want them in power. They don’t want real justice just a bastardized version they call social justice.

Martin 1 months

B-b-but Antifa, b-b-but BLM. Trumpsters are hilarious. Finally you’re getting banned all over the place now, so normal people can be at peace. Take your racism and conspiracy theories and go to bed. Buh-bye...

Will Miller
Will Miller 1 months

“Oh my god no! He loitered and took a selfie in a federal building! The horror! *clutches pearls*” cry about it some more NPCs.

Sherri 1 months


Angela Clark
Angela Clark 1 months

Thank god!! Thank you Jesus!! They need to go and arrest the Republicans from the senate and house them they need to be unseated

Elaine 1 months

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag, and carrying a cross - Sinclair Lewis Trying to compare what black, and African Americans, were protesting for, to a bunch of angry, I will call them what Trump called them, "low class, I hate low class", white people, who are pissed off because a black President was elected twice, and want to go back to the good o'le days of lynchings, just like they planned to hang Mike Pence on the gallows they put up, is a serious stretch of the imagination. Do you seriously believe that most Americans, or Democrats, for that matter, are talking about defunding the police, which, btw, doesn't even mean getting rid of police. Sorry to break the news, but that's a right wing boogeyman story. Also, to say that it's only a few bad apples when it comes to police shooting black men, and boys, is a pipe dream. There were many arrests for riots, looting, and arson, and they weren't all BLM, or Antifa, like you people like to scream about. I watched this crap live the other day. Trump, nor anyone else on his team, could be reached to give the order letting the National Guard go in to help. It was a complete shit show, like the 3rd world country Trump has dragged us down to, while the whole world watched. Trump won't lower the WH flag to half mast for the dead cop. Trump has always been all about hate, division, fear, and chaos. Ashli Babbit, got a PPP loan, and died doing exactly what she liked doing, being the first one trying to get her a$$ through that broken window. I won't shed any tears for her, but cop who they whacked in the head with the fire extinguisher, is a completely different story. With regard to Trump's "patriots", Trump said, while he was happily watching this on TV, "oh look how low class these people look, I hate low class". Smh

A user you may know
A user you may know 1 months

Still waiting on the thousands of BLM riot arrests before I begin to care about this. Two faced politicians are dangerous

Howard 1 months

Of all the days to not wear a mask. Can't blame them to much though they thought they had the president on their side but predictably when it might turn back on him he throws them under the bus, yet they still sing his praises and say, "Oh thank you, please sir may I have another."

miigue 1 months

These d**bas*es are easy to locate, they all took selfies and pictures once inside

Christopher 1 months

Lifetime prison as punishment is too good for this POS garbage. He’s would have been a perfect fit for Hitler’s SS.

Alyse 1 months

Don’t stop until their all aprehended 🙏🏼 already talk online of them plotting more violence

Eileeñ 1 months

Nothing but the bottom feeder for Trump these are best people he loves, because they have to have loyalty for him no one else

Rafael 1 months

You trump maga maniacs need to get a life. Stop blaming BLM and Antifa first of all those marches were peaceful until some idiots decided loot and burn buildings among those burning buildings were white supremist. So that BLM would get the blame. This ia all about white people scared to loose their power and privilege not about their freedoms.

Rafael 1 months

Rc yea they were peaceful protests instigated by you white maga maniacs.

bill 1 months

He’s going to OCCC to be DOA. Hawaiian bruddas don’t like Nazis. Hahahahaha!!!

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 months

Should have been "mostly peacefully protesting" like the calm and respectful Black Lies Matter group.

Doug 1 months

Wow! The DoJ hasn't worked this hard since the Bush Jr. administration. How telling.

Satan411 1 months

Just because this honest and well-meaning American hero trespassed on Federal property, which happened to be the seat of US power, where the highest elected officials of the land were proceeding over the peaceful transfer of the presidency, is no reason to arrest him! They should have known that he was unarmed and had no interest in killing or holding any congressman hostage. This man is a true patriot!

Citizen 1 months

"It was Antifa guys, I swear!!!!"

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