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Trump plans to resume his official duties

Trump plans to resume his official duties

With a House preparing to vote to impeach him over the assault on the U.S. Capitol, President Trump plans to resume some official duties this week, including diplomatic outreach, transition activities and a planned trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, a senior administration official confirms to CBS News. They did not say when Trump had ceased to perform his official duties.

Irish 4 months

Considering he is in fact still President until the 20th, it would make sense he continues to do his job. He knows things still need to get done, the job doesnt pause.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

Pardons and declassifications!!! No wonder the swamp showed its hand early with all the censorship. If Assange doesn't get pardoned now I will be very surprised.

MyVoice 4 months

When running for Presidential office Trump said he would drain the swamp. He not only became the swamp he got swallowed by it. He can’t lie out of sedition.

WWIII 4 months

Because even though the election was stolen and the swamp won the round, he’s a man of integrity and will do the best job he can until he leaves on the 20th, it’s not over though liberals...

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 4 months

I must wait to see how the new fascism evolves under demented Biden and incompetent Harris.

Iam 4 months

Declassify and release ALL evidence against EVERY creature in the SWAMP! Release Epsteins videos, release the FAKE FISA warrent Intel, EVVERYTHING. Then start signing PARDONS for EVERY single Nonviolent offender in prison for Marijuana charges.

BlueGrover 4 months

He probably has some catching up to do with his programs.

drandrewclarke 4 months

Does that mean even more golf? I mean, he cannot Tweet anymore. What other duties does he do? Remind me someone

Alyse 4 months

Remove him quickly.

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 months

ATTN Diaper Don: Red Courtesy phonecall from puppet master poooootin!

Nunya 4 months

Pardon Assange and Snowden immediately.

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 months

By "official duties," would that be sitting all day watching FAUX Snooze and then grousing about your small hands and terminal erectile dysfunction for the rest of the night?

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