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Trump should ’finish’ remainder of presidency: GOP Senator Roy Blunt

Trump should ’finish’ remainder of presidency: GOP Senator Roy Blunt

Sen. Roy Blunt has called for President Trump to serve the remainder of his term in office without further fanning the flames of divisiveness. He said that he would not be joining his GOP colleagues like Sen. Lisa Murkowski in demanding Trump’s resignation. Sen. Blunt was not among the GOP senators who objected to the certification of either Arizona or Pennsylvania’s election results last week.

Tom A
Tom A
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Seems like 4 parties going forward: * neo-liberal left (old school Dems) * neo-con right (old school Republicans) * alt-left (progressive Dems) * alt-right (MAGA Rebubicans) Whether they manifest into actual distinct parties is yet to be seen. This weirdly tolitarian attempt to censor certain political thought may force a fracture away from the old school corportist elements on the right. The left might hold itself together but seems destined to eventually split (probably once it loses the majority and is not forced to cooperate).

Rocky 3 months

Wow is he wrong. More like conservatives will move on from the Republicans. You will never be able to put that genie back in the bottle. The party of Trump dwarfs the Republican party massively. MOST VOTES OF ANY SITTING PRESIDENT IN HISTORY! Still sitting at 52% job approval rating. There's a damn good chance he wins in 2024 also and if not him definitely someone he puts forward as his successor.

Mozgus 3 months

Republicans are done for at least a generation until these do nothing cowards pass away or get replaced.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 3 months

Very, very quickly. Trumpism is so tarnished at this point, it's toxicity is glowing green. Doesn't solve the terrible split they've got in their ranks and amongst the base though. And, cold light of day facts, Trumpism hasn't worked out at the polls either. Trump lost, the House was relinquished after 2 years, and now the Senate's gone too. During Trump's time in office GA & AZ have been taken by the Dems,as well as all their Senate seats. The Rust Belt flipped straight back into the Blue Wall. On the plus side, Trump has shown the GOP that there's a lot of rural voters who can be swayed or even pulled into politics for the first time, and that it *is* possible to make inroads into the Latino vote. They will have also learned that if you can find someone who isn't even half as polarising as Trump but can tick all the above boxes, you might be on to a winner, cos the problem with Trump was he was incredible at turning out the base but also incredible at turning out the vote against him, which finished him off.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Lol the conservatives and republicans are a done party. They where hijacked by the crazed maniacs that follow cult 45

John 3 months

It's not much of a prediction. Trump is a political boat anchor.

Frank 3 months

Trump has ruined the Republican party. Time to start a new conservative party.

michael 3 months

Ah, mr "we do quid pro quo all the time, get over it"

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