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6 inmates use ’homemade rope’ to escape from California jail

6 inmates use ’homemade rope’ to escape from California jail

Six inmates have escaped from Merced County Downtown Jail using a ’homemade rope,’ authorities said Sunday. ’A preliminary investigation has determined that the inmates were able to gain access to the roof of the facility and utilize a homemade rope to scale down the side of the jail,’ the sheriff’s office said. All but one of the suspects are charged with violent felonies, including murder.

Nunya 2 months

They couldn't just wait for Newsome to release them like other criminals?! Impatient much.

Matt 2 months

50% of me believes these guys pulled of an amazing feat. 50% of me believes, based on the location of incarceration, that they "escaped" because they're not white. America is so twisted lately, I just said some stuff that I think anyone could throw hate at me for. And it's all so knuckle-dragging.

Donald 2 months

Happy 2021

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