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Trump has ’descended into a level of madness,’ says Toomey

Trump has ’descended into a level of madness,’ says Toomey

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey said President Trump has ’descended into a level of madness’ since the November election. ’He descended into a level of madness and engaged in activity that was absolutely unthinkable and unforgivable,’ Toomey said in an interview Sunday. He described the events of last week as ’orders of magnitude more egregious than anything we have ever seen from Donald Trump before.’

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

These "what Trump should do" stories are tedious. He'll be out of office soon enough. The media will be reduced to reporting on Sniffy pulling his dog's tail.

Doug 2 months

You can't remove him from office in less than 10 days and once he's a private citizen, impeachment proceedings no longer affect Trump. Thanks for wasting taxpayer dollars. In other news,what's on Crazy Nancy's laptop? Where's the $2000 stimulus checks?

Yahweh 2 months

Go ahead and impeach him. You cant un-reveal your corruption.

Bill 2 months

People speak about Trump like he led a pogrom. Yes people died, but those people were free thinking individuals who on their own decided to do something very dangerous, even if Trump had encouraged them to enter the capital (which he did not) he can't be held responsible for what was ultimately their decision. What happened on Wednesday is what happens when citizens get tired of lack of representation, if we could look at this event that way as a nation, we could learn a lot. Instead, people are letting the government and elites spin this into something it's not, some sort of an attempted coup. I'm happy to see many Americans understand this for what it is but even still, what will the history books read? They don't need to convince you, just your children.

Doug 2 months

The RINOs sure have come out to play. It will be interesting to see who loses their seats in the next couple of election cycles. Already, Trump's base is lashing out at the RINOs. Lindsey Graham can't even walk the streets anymore.

Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow 2 months

Trump gets gas lit, screwed over, his entire presidency had been undermined from start to finish by media, corrut politicians and big tech. Spineless Republicans stab him in the back and walk away as he makes a final stand for freedom and now they dance on his proverbial grave spitting on any chance the working class has of coming up. Yeah trump is mad, smh 🤡

Delterra 2 months

Hasn't descended🤣🤣 'e's been there a looooong Time😅

Glen 2 months

What ever happened to common sense. Why are these people so scared and of what. In Washington state Jay Inslee has called up the National guard to protect his inflated head. Inslee is so obsessed with power, that he has put out a directive that makes it impossible to open back up. It's all about control. American people better wake up before these mad men take away all their freedoms.

Epirus 2 months

So was hillary insane when she said that the election was stolen from her? She, the democrats and the media still talk about it to this day...or is it only bad when trump does it? At least he condemned the violence and commited to a peaceful transition.

Alex 2 months

Oh, can it, Pat. He's the exact same a-hole he's always, you're trying to give yourself cover for sticking with him so long.

Dave 2 months

Pelosi is the one who tried to organise a military coup, but sure. Is it Still paranoia when everyone actually is out to get you?

Zachary 2 months

Toomey represents Filthadelphia, not PA.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

Nope. Frump was always at that level. You all just either fell for his utter bu11$ht or had blinders on.

Aleks 2 months

What? are we saying Trump i s not going to be president in 10 days? Wow really? who knew? Listening to all the snart people on this app I would have bet that he had been reelected by a landslide What a surprise I might have to go back and listen to cnn again...

Tim 2 months

Born and bred Pennsylvanian here, and Toomy has zero credibility with any Republican related topics.

Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller 2 months

I see they are running out of material on Trump since he was banned from Twitter and have resorted to making shit up.

Jon 2 months

I love how once the gravy train ends in 10 days do the Republicans come craaawwwwling back like the weak little cucks they are. 🤣🤣😭😭

Iam 2 months

He didn't lead an insurrection, That is reserved to Pelosi asking the Generals to ignore Trump as Commander in Chief, and follow HER orders. He didn't incite anyone to violence, Supreme Court was very CLEAR that there has to be specific directions to commit violence, saying "fight for your rights" or "fight for a fair election" does NOT suggest clear and specific directions. Not to MENTION the videos of the Capital police WAVING the crowds through to the Capital building, that shows SOMEONE intended to cause this ruckess, someone in Power, but Not Donald Trump.

Shaun 2 months

it makes me wonder how anyone thought there was some height of sanity from which he descended. he's quite obviously not been well for the majority of his life, if not the vast majority of it. I know I know....TDS. whatever....

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 2 months

So, has half of Newsvoice's readership been arrested yet? And come on now, own up, how many of you had zip ties in your rucksacks...

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