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Parler drops offline after Amazon pulls support

Parler drops offline after Amazon pulls support

Parler has gone offline after Amazon pulled support for it. The platform relies heavily on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service. Reacting to a string of removals including that from Google and Apple, Parler CEO John Matze said Sunday that ’every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too.’

Tom A
Tom A
ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

If you say "this is okay because" then you need to reevaluate your position. Big tech just killed an app and obliterated their hosting capability. This could happen to anyone that cannot afford to host their own servers. Anyone.

Matt 4 months

The three biggest tech firms banned a sitting President, then shut down service for their competition, so the voices against Google, Apple, and Amazon were silent. Regardless of your feelings about the President, can we accept that this is dangerous to our voices? They shut down the public square for a lot more than just those they hate. If you're OK with that, you're very anti-American values. Our first one, even. I can't help you be better than that. Get well soon.

Montgomery 4 months

You can't even open the app... Strange because I've never seen anything more violent than the standard antifa rant on parlor... .. but then Instagram and Facebook also banned Unity 2020, 6 months ago so you know their motives is to stop violence 😉

Julian 4 months

“Dey deserve dis!” -Leftists “Corporations are too powerful!” -Those same leftists

Say no to Fascism
Say no to Fascism 4 months

Dems: "JuSt CrEaTe YoUr OwN pLaTfOrM! "" Others: *Creates own platform* Dems:""Wait, you were''t supposed to actually do that""

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 4 months

This will hopefully become the motivation for new tech to become decentralized. The future for tech will look very interesting.

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 months

This is a disgusting move by Amazon. I have canceled my account with Amazon and I encourage everyone who loves freedom to do the same today.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 months

"when fascism comes to America it will come in the name of liberalism"

Karlo 4 months

This presents a dangerous precedent: market leaders supporting each other against rising competition on the basis of something that occurs on every single online platform that is accessible to the population at large. I suspect no amount of moderation effort would suffice to meet compliance threshold which is apparently set differently for different platforms/services. It is as if the good neighbors barking dog is not a disturbance, but all others are.

Matt 4 months

This is beyond f'ed up big tech has decided they shall decide who gets to talk and won't allow competition I hope parler manages to come back larger than ever

Alex 4 months

If socialists weren't typically liberals and in favor of censorship, then this would honestly be a time for them to make a powerful argument. How did we allow Google, Amazon and Apple to become this powerful where they can control the market this much? This isn't a free market at all if you ask me. Disclaimer, I'm not a socialist. But I do wish we could overcome our biases and have constructive conversations.

jay 4 months

I continue to be bemused by those of you who seemingly view this (and actions like it) as some kind of 1st Ammendment violation. It's not. The 1st Ammendment ONLY pertains to the federal government's ability to limit free speech. It does NOT apply to private sector companies. Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook all have terms of service that strictly police hate speech and violent speech. Parler was specifically created to give a voice to people who engage in that kind of speech, and who were running into issues on the other major platforms. Both prior to and after the seditious insurrection on the 6th, these people were using Parler - and by extension, the AWS service - to coordinate and plan our violence, including the assassination of our Vice President and the Speaker of the House. How anyone can think that these companies weren't right to ban people and cut off service to the platform they used, is beyond me. Does it set a precedent? Yes it does. It sets the precedent that violent, treasonous, and seditious actors won't be tolerated and will not be provided with a platform from which to spew hate and sew discord. So yeah, I doubt any upstanding company is going to provide Parler with hosting. They can either build their own infrastructure or fade into obscurity.

Tommy 4 months

Ahh, the free market at work! Private companies get to decide who they do business with. This isn’t a first amendment issue at all. Unless you believe that Christian bakers should be forced to provide wedding cake services to gay couples, you can’t also support Amazon being forced to provide services to Parler.

Epirus 4 months

The problem for conservatives is the constant gaslighting: 1. We are pro free speech (but ban apps that provide platforms for those with different political views) 2. We are not political (but suppress news that will affect your party negatively before an election) 3. You are a conspiracy theorist if you believe that we are political and suppress free speech. Please...Have the decency to state what you are.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 months

This is so blatantly fucked up, and here's why... Conservative opinion is the only ideology looking to break these empire-sized companies and governments up, and reduce their power. This is a self-defense move against a political threat.

Jackson 4 months

This is amazing! Soon enough these fascists won't have anywhere to go

Benjamin 4 months

I just cancelled my prime account, used up my gift card balance and every kindle credit I have. AWS is in a strange place, we can actually punish this company by boycotting

hugh 4 months

How very fascist

Tom 4 months

They will find another hosting platform I can assure you it's just a matter of time

Unity.Nat 4 months

Disgusting practices by Amazon.

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