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Nearly $170B wiped off cryptocurrency market in 24 hours as Bitcoin corrects

Nearly $170B wiped off cryptocurrency market in 24 hours as Bitcoin corrects

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tanked on Monday wiping off nearly $170B from the entire market. The market capitalization currently stands at $973B. Bitcoin has fallen over 10% from a day earlier to $35,572. Ethereum has fallen 14% to $1,118. The sell-off in cryptocurrencies comes after a huge rally. Bitcoin is still up over 340% in the last 12-months.

Tom A
Tom A
skrappjaw 2 months

All the big financial institutions are buying it up and investing in it. Might wanna buy low boys. And keep buying. Don't sell. Hang on. Even if you have nothing for savings. Do it anyway. Cuz the great reset is gonna make your dollars better for rolling cigarettes than to buy them.

Rocky 2 months

I'm surprised this is even being reported. Usually with crypto they hail the rise and pretend the price slips and falls never happened. China is probably poised for another massive buy back once they tank the price enough.

FREDERICK 2 months

The old saying “Only buy what you can afford to lose” applies to the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Viviko 2 months

It’s that time of year again.

Don 2 months

Back up the truck

Hannibal 2 months

Buy in the companies, not the currency. Mine the mers, just like the California Gold Rush you could've made a 3.4 return on bitcoin... or a FORTY fold return on bitcoin mining companies like Riot. They were down in the fifty cent range in March and are hitting $20-22 a share right now even after massive panic selling.

Indo 2 months

You see people been trying to correct the over reliance on money for a real long time. This is its real deal. Place her bets here folks.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 2 months

Well I'm glad I didn't buy last week.

Andreas 2 months

It is the old snowball scheme, this time done by banks. There was never a real reason given why banks bought this currency in the first place.

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