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Trump regulator’s rule would force banks to lend to gun-makers and oil drillers

Trump regulator’s rule would force banks to lend to gun-makers and oil drillers

The Trump administration is reportedly trying to push a rule that could compel banks to offer loans to the gun manufacturers, and oil exploration companies. Banks are unwilling to finance gun manufacturers who make assault-style weapons and drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among others. The new rule is designed to designate such practices as unfairly discriminatory.

Erich 4 days

It comes down to the question as to whether a business has the right to chose those they will do business with. Hot button. Can a baker chose not to bake a cake for someone they disagrees with? Can a bank chose to not offer loans to someone they disagree with? IMHO, allow businesses to chose and be transparent about it. I will not do business with an organization that supports racism, sexism, etc.

Bob 3 days

Banks should be required to lend to all legal businesses that meet their credit standards, whether they're legal gun makers or legal marijuana sellers.

Don 3 days

American banks gave 35,000,000 to AH and the National Socialists in 1941 but now people are concerned about banks loaning money to oil company's and gun makers?

Viviko Yesterday

Banks should lend to all legal businesses. I don’t see how this is a bad thing.

Franklin 4 days

I want all the right to protest/denounce this government rule! Ideally Trump too, but one can dream.

mike 4 days

Dont see a problem with that!!!

Burger 4 days

More big gubmint regulations!

Laura Yesterday

Since when did small government and free marketplace translate to demanding who businesses are required to interact with, this is not a precedent Republicans historically would want to set. If banks can be forced to take on clients against their will so can other businesses.

Angry_Face 2 days

And this is a problem because??? Banks receive HUGE sums from the printing presses and essentially have the right to print their own so if there are strategic industries on nation importance like energy independence & being the worlds largest arms manufacture that need assistance then fine

Trevelyn 2 days

You anti oil people need to take a science History economics government class .You do not know how the world truely works . The how do you feel classes .Will be your downfall .

R 4 days

They're is no oil in Puget Sound! This article is ah hoax!

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Trump regulator’s rule would force banks to lend to gun-makers and oil drillers

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