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US House likely to vote on Trump’s second impeachment Wednesday

US House likely to vote on Trump’s second impeachment Wednesday

Democratic lawmakers have scheduled an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump on the floor of the House on Wednesday. This comes exactly one week after a Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol. Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the Democrats’ call to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. If the Democrats’ motion goes ahead, it would be Trump’s second impeachment.

Bryan_with_a_why 2 months

It's not enough you defeat him, but now you just want to what? Dominate him completely and humiliate him? Did the capitol events teach you NOTHING? Tens of millions of people ignored and gas lit, the supreme court ignoring the case because they were afraid of antifa riots and look what they incited instead. By rejecting the case you bring them to the point of desperation so extreme they breach your sacred temple. Let's deplatform their king and then try to boot him out again a week before we take over cause we can't wait another week to start f*cking over the American people. Just add fuel to the fire, what could possibly go wrong? How about you just f*ck off and let him finish his last stupid week and move on with our lives? Enjoy the next 4 years of hell, thanks to the new thug Democrat party. Trump really shined a light on you and exposed the evils within...

Xavier 2 months

Im convinced conservatives have a massive humiliation kink bc they just keep setting themselves up for failure. Like have you seen the last few R presidents? Not to mention their god-king now? Try and try as they might, polish a turd, it’s still a turd. But hey, at least he won second place 😬

MyVoice 2 months

I am no fan of Trump but impeachment is a waste of time at this stage. Censure him and remove his presidential privilege so he can be prosecuted in court.

Indo 2 months

Keep dreaming is all anyone can do in this world gone awry state of affairs.

K. 2 months

He should’ve been impeached years ago.

@rageonthetrack 2 months

/// throws soggy popcorn at iphone ///

Montgomery 2 months

Its just a farce to make sure that a outsider will never run again

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

Impeachment is not as effective as Amendment 25. The latter prevents subsequent presidential pardons. Hopefully, it will be what actually happens... and happens ASAP!

Indo 2 months

Are you really that devoid of common sense. Simple sensibilities are what make towers. Stop goofing around like that.

Seekster 2 months

At least time they have a legitimate reason to impeach him.

jo‌‌n 2 months

covid is still a thing, btw

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