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Stripe stops processing payments for Trump campaign website

Stripe stops processing payments for Trump campaign website

Fintech company Stripe said it will no longer process payments for President Trump’s campaign website following the riot at the Capitol. Stripe said it is cutting off the campaigns account for violating its policies against encouraging violence. Stripe’s terms prohibit its service to be used by any ’high risk’ business that ’engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence.’

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Everyone is saying Trump promoted violence. When? Where? I heard Trump encourage peaceful protest. This will create more radicalism. On both sides. It will bolster the left and the right against each other more.

Rocky 4 months

They won't be happy until it's a full on civil war I guess. Keep it up and corner half of america. Even worse it's the half with all the guns and vets. What a terrible path to go down.

Zeek 4 months

I haven't seen any examples used of the Trump campaign promoting violence for the Capital Hill siege. You'd think that disgruntled voters that finally reached the boiling point would be given a pass, as the damage done was federal property. This is given the fact that most if not all Democrat Congressmen have not denounced Antifa or BLM's mass destruction of private property.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 months

So their terms equally would be violated by Democrats... why not take them off as well?

Andreas 4 months

Good. Dictators and Dictator-wanabees are always best dealt with by cutting funds.

D 4 months

Did you nitwits stop the insanity of the left as well. For they were the most violent offenders to society.

Jackson 4 months

Hey look, its the consequences for trumps actions! Doesn't the republican party support that kinda thing?

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 months

Total democracy meddling. Totalitarian tactics. Do any leftists here see what this could mean in the future?

Scott 4 months

I don’t get how so many people have this app and still don’t get proper news? You don’t have to specifically say go burn down the capital to be encouraging violence. He implied so many times that the people need to fight for him or he would be kicked out of office. His other speech givers in that rally before it happened were a bit more clear on their belief of wanting the attendees to start a riot. Half ass claiming you want the terrorists you unleashed on the capital to go home peacefully doesn’t change a thing. It’s funny the group claiming the other is sheep and brainwashed can’t think for themselves. Funny but mostly sad and very disappointing.

Josh 4 months

50% of the population voted for this guy. When will people learn that colonies getting political very rarely works in their favor?

Admiral Jezza
Admiral Jezza 4 months

Anyone remember that Stonetoss comic where they said after bannings "Don't like it? Build your own social media sites." And after payment processor bans "Don't like it? Build your own payment processors." And finally "Don't like it? Build your own... uh... Government?"

Aaron 4 months

Hot dog huggers?

Doug 4 months

The left has pulled out all the stops to erase the mere thought of Trump. However, Trump's approval rating has spiked like nobody's business. How ironic. It's almost like the left is lying. Hmmmmm.

Goi 4 months

You have an unholy alliamce of the Antifa Communists on the streets and tlhe Democrat Fascists in the House and Senate. First in history. Made in America. All the monsters America unleashed on other nations has finally begun coming home to roost. Karma quite the bitch. Wait until the Nagasaki and Hiroshima monsters decide to return home too. Then things going to get really hot and toasty.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 months


Montgomery 4 months

I'm getting more convinced that China baught the media. I didn't support orange man. But the division is reflective of what mau did to create a communist system. Create division between left and right. Have them fight it out and put yourself as the solution for it not happening again

Glen 4 months

Liberials have completely lost their minds. All they do is lie,lie,lie. 75 milion Trump people know it.

K. 4 months

Lmao Trump called for exactly what happened and I’m so sick of the conspiracy theories blaming other groups Please!!!! He deserves everything he gets along with his blind supporters.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 months

1984 happening right in front of you. We've predicted this evil years ago.

Tommy 4 months

The market decides...and it has spoken!

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