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Twitter shares drop in first trading day after Trump ban

Twitter shares drop in first trading day after Trump ban

Twitter stock fell over 10% Monday morning in the first trading session since the social media company permanently suspended President Trump’s account. Experts suggest that Twitter’s stance could likely reignite legislation to revoke Section 230, the law that protects internet companies from liability for content users post. Twitter banned Trump citing ’the risk of further incitement of violence.’

Tom A
Tom A
caron 1 weeks

Good. I hope it continues. Not that it matters.

Donald 1 weeks

Let it D1E!!!!!

Aleks 1 weeks

Trump has been perpetrating absurd lies about the election for 2 months with the purpose of convincing people to take matters in their own hands What would you call that? Lies to cause insurrection? Incitement of insurrection? I can see the article of impeachment is writing itself

Goi 1 weeks

10% is too low. It should go higher.

Indo 1 weeks

If you know what I mean !! No !! Too bad !! Market just gave it.

EliteWizard407 1 weeks

Wait until he's no longer president. Big tech and media will die, hopefully sooner than later.

Eric 1 weeks

Soma soma soma! The people chanted, begging for recognition from their multi billion dollar overlords.

John W
John W 1 weeks and are still up. Suppprt them instead.

michael 1 weeks

Revoking section 230 will just make bans like this more common.

Rocky 1 weeks

Shocked!😱 Ok. Maybe not that shocked. Corporate suicide on display.

David 1 weeks

Keep dropping baby

Kevin 1 weeks

I hope all the companies practicing this form of censorship go out of business couldn't happen to a bunch of nicer guys

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