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Viral video shows Dutch border officials seizing British driver’s meat sandwich

Viral video shows Dutch border officials seizing British driver’s meat sandwich

Footage from a TV program aired by a Dutch public broadcaster, which shows Dutch border officials seizing ham sandwiches from a British driver, went viral. The seizing comes as a result of border regulations between the EU and UK following Brexit. Under those rules, British visitors are not allowed to personally import meat and dairy into the EU.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

I mean I kind of understand the rules that say "no animal products," I get that, but to apply that rule to a truck driver's lunch is a rather... ham-handed approach.

FREDERICK 4 months

It’s these silly EU rules that Britain has now freed itself from, unless of course crossing a border into the EU!

Robyn 4 months

Oh dear, here we go. Passive aggressive Europeans making points. Brexit was the worst move in the history of moves. Ultranationalist Boris owes those boys lunch

Doug 4 months

How incredibly petty of the EU.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 months

That's so petty and dum

Barry 4 months

Probably should've just pulled over and ate them...

Maxime 4 months

Did he eat it? He must've been hungry

MyVoice 4 months

Boris clearly didn’t read the fine print. The Englanders got what they wanted so shouldn’t complain.

Seekster 4 months

Its war then.

Indo 4 months

A pandemic is what we are in. All around the world its killing and downing others like fleas. Are u really that naive to do such !?

Silas Richardson
Silas Richardson 4 months

So hilarious, that's what the Brits get for voting for brexit. Lol

JoeSchmo 4 months

No soup for you! Next

Maesterfully 4 months

You get what you vote for. Screw Brexit

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