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Outgoing Capitol Police chief says House, Senate security blocked Guard request

Outgoing Capitol Police chief says House, Senate security blocked Guard request

The outgoing chief of the Capitol Police said the House and Senate security officials thwarted his efforts to call in the National Guard. According to the WaPo, Steven Sund said his supervisors were reluctant to take formal steps to put the Guard on call and his request for help was rejected or delayed six times. Sund’s remarks were in contrast with those from officials in other branches of govt..

Tom A
Tom A
Andrew 4 months

Would it really surprise anyone if certain officials wanted Trump supporters inside the Capitol building as an excuse to impeach the outgoing President?

Alex 4 months

Lets be honest. The extra presence wasn’t needed. If the authorities actually told them to leave, most of them would. Look at how they were just casually strolling around inside the building.

So 4 months

By antifa embedded radicals could destroy and place blame on President Trumps' supporters who were peacefully demanding accountability of the demoncrat and dominion software stolen election from voter fraud.

CYDOMIUS 4 months

This would not surprise me at all given that there is video footage of police opening the south side door and stood aside to allow protesters in. WHY?

Jack 4 months

Injecteing ANTIFA? = Bogus AF RED HERRING !!! Trumpers wanted Violence, CONDONED & SIGNALED by The Orange Ape himself... lets cut the Childish arguments out already!??

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 4 months

I seen video that showed law enforcement letting people go right in.

Yolande 4 months

There should be a bipartisan committee set up immediately to hear all evidence. If antifa caused it put thst evidence up, if Trump incited it prove it. The people need the TRUTH.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

As expected, things are more complicated than everyone initially thought and as usual, more information will come out over time. Apparently Occams razor doesn't apply. But has it ever with these situations?

John Hall
John Hall 4 months

Because it was a set up. I've seen the videos of an oregon house member opening the doors to let people in. I've seen the videos of house security ushering people inside. I've seen the videos of weapons being passed to the antifa insurgents thru the capital window.

Sergio 4 months

Last ditch effort to screw us all and take attention away from what democrats are do

Azshara 4 months

Interesting how the government interferes with requests for aid and backup. Almost as if they have a habit of interfering with things.

Dorien 4 months

If I was the Chief of Capitol Police I would say that too. But that doesn’t make it true of course. He is lying to save his own but, like so many others.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

This was a Democrat operation to manufacture a pretext to classify 80 million Americans that voted for trump as domestic terrorists.

Davey 4 months

Trump supporters have spent the past couple of years critising anybody who has resigned been sacked and then critisized Trump. They have insisted the outgoing person has an axe to grind and is lieing. Then this bloke resigns and he's telling the truth and should be listened to. The hypocrisy.

Eileeñ 4 months

This all Trumps doing it wouldn't Surprise me if he ordered for these guys not to comply further more Trump wanted these people to control the senate this all he ever wanted. With everyone around dismissing his rhetoric all the time is out there for everyone to see so please dont say we didnt see it coming I saw this coming since he was elected all I to li d my husband st the time was wait for it this is what I meant trump didnt surprise nor shocked I know Trump childhood story ok. Acceptance from his father he never got now his looking for validation from wacky croud.

Rafael 4 months

Hey Alex casually strolling along? How about five people dead including one cop and how many others wounded. They were looking to hang pence and pelosi. Breaking down doors and glass doesn't look like strolling along.

Charles 4 months

This information should be properly vetted before the officer is made to resign. If he is truthful, the fault does not lie with him or his peers. It lies with the higher up officials who did nothing. The Maryland Governor says similar things and he wasn’t in the hot seat. He was trying to provide law enforcement and could not get responses from the Pompeo level.

Franklin 4 months

DC Statehood! Now Damn It!

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 months

Gotta love Republicans "that's a lie because FRUMP!" Hahaha sooo delusional

mike 4 months

Huh, imagine that!!! All to set up President Trump

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