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Parler sues AWS after Amazon knocks service offline

Parler sues AWS after Amazon knocks service offline

Parler has sued Amazon’s cloud-computing business after the tech giant forced the social network to go offline by preventing it from using the AWS cloud computing infrastructure. AWS cut off Parler servers Sunday, citing the proliferation of hate speech. The lawsuit claims Amazon Web Services’ decision to stop hosting Parler was a politically motivated scheme to protect Twitter from competition.

Benjamin 3 months

The platform is not responsible for the posts of the users of the platform. That's what section 230 is all about. AWS can hold Parler to a higher standard if they want but this is clearly coordinated with google Apple, and apparently twitter. They clearly cost them money just as the user base is increasing. This is highly anti-competitive and obviously inconsistent with their policing of Twitter, Facebook, whatever other platforms they host. If people are posting illegal stuff, the DA can investigate and charge them...

Mutatis 3 months

“AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus,” the lawsuit reads. “It is also apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging services market to the benefit of Twitter.” This is their argument, so basically a two pronged approach.

T a l
T a l 3 months

The ‘platform’ Parler was supposedly removed from the internet due to promoting violence. The ‘platform’ Twitter remains on the internet even though the #1 trending tweet recently was ‘Hang Mike Pence’. Antifa used Twitter to organize riots where arson, looting, and even death occurred. And what about all the Politicians, Hollywood elite, and media personalities that promoted violence against Trump? Were they removed?

Doug 3 months

How could Parler think that it was a safe and secure idea to use Amazon servers?

Kevin 3 months

A comedian when on Twitter holding what look like a severed head saying this is what should happen to Trump she was able to keep her account Twitter was able to keep operating the hypocrisy here is pretty blatant there are threats against Republicans and conservatives on Twitter and Facebook everyday

Mozgus 3 months

Parler gets banned and immediately thousands of people talk about hanging Pence on Twitter. Why is Twitter not being banned?

Goi 3 months

Move their hosting to Gab or Minds. I am sure both these companies would welcome the money injection from the hosting fees. Screw Amazon. Anyone involved in the insurrection of the office of the POTUS should be taken down. Hard. You can't have a bunch of corporates telling the POTUS office what he can or cannot do. Advice yes, dictate... hell no.

Matt 3 months

Lot's of fighting about free speech. Here's another angle to consider. When a people are suppressed and silenced, they attack. A quick glance at the French Revolution draws some parallels nobody in the USA should be comfortable with. Keep pushing them, they'll push back. Don't provoke the gun-lovers. I'm politically homeless, watching both sides lie about each other, and so many of us are playing that game. It's dangerous. A revolution wouldn't be in the favor of the Left. They swept the elections, and without grace they now silence us all. Biden better be as balanced as he thinks he is, or this is going to get violent, and I'll be on the sidelines wondering how we even made it this far with all this knuckle-dragging.

Sven Svenderson
Sven Svenderson 3 months

Twitter causes a stir that is likely to send Americans searching for an alternative. Then the likely alternative is taken down at the perfect time. As far as I am aware trump isn't on Parker, so this isn't about him, not that it would make it right either.

BlunderingFool 3 months

What happened to 230 protections again?

Tomasz 3 months

Following this logic, Twitter should be closed down for helping organising blm riots.

Aleks 3 months

There are limits to free speech inciting violence and hate is one of them

Jack 3 months

Gudluk. Yulnedit.

Matt 3 months

Good I hope for the sake of free speech they win

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