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Top rights group slams Israel’s Palestine policies, calls it ’apartheid state’

Top rights group slams Israel’s Palestine policies, calls it ’apartheid state’

B’Tselem, a leading Israeli human rights group, has assailed the country and described it as a single ’apartheid’ regime. In a report, B’Tselem said Palestinians under Israeli occupation have fewer rights than Jews in the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River. B’Tselem’s director said, ’This is not democracy plus occupation. This is apartheid between the river and the sea.’

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 3 months

Now lets check the other way. How many right do Jews have in Palestine?

Frits 3 months

Even Justice Richard Goldstone, who was hired by the UN because of his record very critical of Israel to lead the Gaza investigation, called the absurd apartheid accusation "slander". "He is considered to be one of several liberal judges who issued key rulings that undermined apartheid [in South Africa] from within the system by tempering the worst effects of the country's racial laws." (Wikipedia)

Martin 3 months

Truth. Israel is an apartheid state. One would think a people who went through holocaust would know how NOT to treat other human beings. It’s repulsive.

Doug 3 months

I can't feel sorry for a group of people who started off violating a UN resolution, attempted to overthrow the government of Israel, and has purposely murdered women and children simply because their feelings hurt that Israel didn't just roll over and die. Numerous peace deals have been offered that creates a nation of Palestine but have been dismissed out of hand. There can be no peace when only one side wants it.

AntiBS 3 months

Top rights groups? Top left wing and terrorist lobbying groups more likely.

Seekster 3 months

Israel doesn't fit the description of an apartheid state but frankly the Palestinian Arabs are so self destructive in their decision making (or at least that of their leaders) that you could almost mistake them for the victims if you were ignorant of the history of the conflict.

Montgomery 3 months

Why does no one ever talk about the rights of barbers in north Africa? Or what will happen is Israel suddenly opens their borders? Or that the Palestinians officially does not acknowledge the Israeli right to living and peace in any situation Probably doesn't suit the political narrative

Robo 3 months

Ok but who asked the propaganda mills?

Pj 3 months

Do they have the right to get out?

Unity.Nat 3 months

This is due to the fact Palastine isn't a state, but apart of Israel.

bogdan 3 months

The judgement day is coming. Tic toc.

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