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Parler sues Amazon for dropping it from AWS after storming of US Capitol

Parler sues Amazon for dropping it from AWS after storming of US Capitol

Social platform Parler is suing Amazon for dropping its Amazon Web Services cloud support following last week’s deadly riot at US Capitol, which left 5 dead. Parler accuses Amazon of breaking antitrust laws. The social network is popular with conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump. AWS withdrew its support after concluding posts on Parler ’clearly encourage and incite violence.’

Matt 3 months

Now we get to see what our government thinks about censorship and anti-trust. Pay attention, people. And for Zeus' sake, have some empathy and chill out.

Glen 3 months

If they would have burned businesses, there wouldn't have been a problem. Then the left would have rejoiced.

michael 3 months

Remember all those corporate person-hood rights that republicans fought so hard to create? Remember when republicans thought it was ok for businesses to refuse service if the customer was homosexual? Amazon is a business, it has decided to no longer host a particular company. If right wingers want a site where they can share baseless conspiracy theories and come up with violent plans, they are going to have to stop piggybacking on the left wing's technological accomplishments and figure out how programming works for themselves. Although, they'd better stop pushing for the removal of section 230 protections, can't run a posting site for violent extremists if your site gets sued for what the extremists post.

Barry 3 months


Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 3 months

What kind of idiots are objecting to a company refusing to let people plan and promote further violence on their platform as silencing freedom of speech. They have every right to refuse to be a part of any radical group who wants to create more violence and therefore become complicit in assisting those radicalized groups. Freedom of Speech DOES NOT include promoting riots and harm to others any more than yelling fire in a crowded theater. Only ignorant people would try and promote this idea as the silencing of Freedom of Speech.

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