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McCarthy says Trump accepted some responsibility for Capitol riot

McCarthy says Trump accepted some responsibility for Capitol riot

According to reports, President Trump, in a conversation with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, acknowledged that he bears some blame for the Capitol riot. McCarthy made the claim on a House GOP-wide conference call, noting that he has urged Trump to reach out to President-elect Joe Biden and congratulate him on his election win.

Mozgus 4 months

Yup. Some. Not all. Some. Some goes to the media too, always causing division and calling 74 million Americans terrorists. Some goes to big tech censoring these people, thus driving them into the corners of the internet, forcing them to get radicalized. Pretty sad when Trump is more of an adult in this situation than the dozens of Democrats who instigated years of violence from their voting base. Countless cities burned, businesses looted, 30+ murdered, billions in damage. Not one Democrat who incited all that has taken an ounce of responsibility for their own people's actions. They only made excuses for it or even agreed with their goal.

Martin 4 months

I don’t like Trump and I am a progressive, but censorship is not the way to go regardless. The demonising of Trump supporters I see now in MSM is repulsive. Trump came to power because of decades of spineless, corrupt politicians both dems and reps that have let corporations take power. Obama was a disaster. I support any action that gives the power back to the people.

Doug 4 months

tRumps never admit wrong-doing, mistakes, accept responsibility, blame - not in the lexicon. (:-(

Aleks 4 months

I like that we need Kevin to tell us that...

Bernice 4 months

Bet Trumps detractors weren’t expecting Trump to take responsibility. Was this move part of their ‘plan.’ Not a conspiracy theorist here but obviously politics involves a lot of planning before moves are executed.

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 4 months

Watching people try to change thier story and posture without acknowledging of wrongdoing smells like a toxic abusice relationship.

Tj 4 months

Well, most of America has been trying to introduce you all to your fellow MAGA followers. Because you devoted yourselves to a man over country and/or your faith, it has been difficult.

SD 4 months

Trump's statements that fueled the riots were public. So must be his acknowledgement of responsibility.

Doug 4 months

This will do nothing. With multiple examples, when you take responsibility for something, the left just keeps pushing even harder and complains about more things.

Andy 4 months

Yeah democrats made those cops kill African Americans just to give BLM a cause. They inspired all those protests. From an outsiders perspective (UK) - that’s a ridiculous what about ism.

Lenwë 4 months

Tbh if the blm riots are not blamed even partially on the left politicians the thugs support, Trump bears no blame at all.

Kevin 4 months

Countless cities burned? 30 million murdered? Billions in damage? What are you talking about? Get some meds dude.

IvoryDove 4 months

Maxine Waters telling people to confront Republican legislators in restaurants, on the street and at their homes didn't get this much attention.

I Just hate
I Just hate 4 months

Notice the first article in Europe states "Kevin McCarthy says Trump is partly to blame", which is deceiving as it makes it sound as though the GOP leader accused Trump, not TRUMP ADMITS partial blame. FAKE NEWS

Iam 4 months

He didn't say anymore than what other politicians have said in support of the BLM or Antifa rioters. He never meet personally with them, and gave specific instruction on what to do. And there is evidence of infiltration by other groups. The DC police opened the barriers, WAVED and Cheered the crowd on, spook....

Delterra 4 months

Lol i love watching him founder

MIDESSA 4 months

Him and Charles Manson.

Robo 4 months

Wow, that's disappointing. I wonder if he's being threatened.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 4 months

Some is the word some people are not understanding.

Donald 4 months

Watch Shadowgate....then tell me how Biden "won" lol

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