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Rasmussen poll shows Trump approval rate holding strong

Rasmussen poll shows Trump approval rate holding strong

Newest Rasmussen poll shows steady approval among likely voters, despite the President being the subject of a social media blackout.

Rooted 3 months

Imagine, in this day and age, trying to shut down an IDEA. Ah yes, the libleft arrogance... This bs dosent even work in CHAINA.

Alalia 3 months

Plus or minus 5% accuracy. Saying it went up because of riots when it only changed by 4% is misleading at best. His approval rating likely hasn't changed at all in reality. Rasmussen isn't exactly known for their amazing poll taking methods.

Tim 3 months

It's almost as if some people have kept ahold of their individual opinions

Omega 3 months

I wonder how many people will comment to say that they think this poll is meaningful? How many of them are the same ones that rejected other polls that said that Trump is unpopular, and then said that polls are meaningless? After more comments roll in, I'm going to have to go back to the other news stories about polls and compare the commenter's opinions on this and those polls for my own amusement!

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