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Airbnb says it will try to ban Capitol rioters from inauguration stays

Airbnb says it will try to ban Capitol rioters from inauguration stays

Airbnb announced on Monday plans to attempt to restrict rioters who stormed the Capitol from returning to the Washington, DC area for next week’s presidential inauguration. Airbnb says it will review all Washington-area reservations, and anyone associated with a hate group will have their reservation canceled and be banned from Airbnb

Tausif N Akbar
Tausif N Akbar
jo‌‌n 2 months

thank goodness we have such morally pure corporations too cleanse the filthy degenerates from participating in society (as deemed by their colleagues in the government half of the totally-not-fascistic lucrarive merger of corporations and government). just make your own society, whydoncha? we've never seen where this road goes before. except we have, dozens and dozens of times. and yet here we go again. be careful what you wish for, this isn't a game. 😉

Christopher 2 months

The world we live in is changing faster than ever and it seems that so few people seem to even realize (or care) that it's occurring. This pendulum will swing in both directions and no matter which side of the political aisle one is on, the danger to our society that these tech platforms pose with this type of censorship is truly great.

IvoryDove 2 months

Reaaaaaaallly? How do they do this?

Xavier 2 months

Whoop, here come the snowflakes desperate to gargle on daddy’s spray-tanned, wrinkly shaft. 😅

ian 2 months


Maesterfully 2 months

So you bend over for Antifa and BLM and NOW you draw the line? Shameless hypocrisy and pandering

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

"Excuse me, are you planning on committing sctsnof violence during your stay?" How does that go down? Lol.

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