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Trump says impeachment drive in Congress is ’absolutely ridiculous’

Trump says impeachment drive in Congress is ’absolutely ridiculous’

President Trump mocked the plan by House Democrats to impeach him, calling the move ’absolutely ridiculous.’ Trump, speaking enroute a trip to Texas, called his likely impeachment in the House of Representatives on Wednesday a ’continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.’ ’We want no violence. Never violence,’ he continued.

Doug 3 months

Nancy's just a one trick pony in a three ring progressive circus. Except when she's trying to convince Gen. Milley to stage a military coup.

Glen 3 months

Trump is 100 percent correct, Satans decibels are so power hungary they will crucify any one who stands in their way. Kind of like when the Nazis eliminated anyone who disagreed with them. They took away their guns, got rid of religion, killed 7 million Jews. And the rest is history.

paddy 3 months

You people don't even realize your in the middle of a hostile takeover of our nation. Both sides are complicit, and your quarrelling over mainstream media talking points is just silly. None of it matters anymore. Republican and democrats are the same side of the coin, playing you against each other until you turn to violence. That protest was used to derail the electoral challenges from congressman and push the vote through without hearing the majority of the challenges to it. Why else do you think there where so many antifa twitterati in amongst trump supporters in the capital. They want you to fight each other, it justifies unconstitutional "emergency" powers that will never be relinquished to subjugate you all under the corporate financial systems boot.

Shenanigans 3 months

Trump said he would go peacefully if he lost the election. Clearly that was a lie. He said Covid-19 wasn't that serious clearly that was a lie. So why at this point would any sane person listen to anything the worst president in American history has to say?

michael 3 months

No, but you can finally have a regular trial, and the jury won't be made up of people who share his goals.

AntiBS 3 months

Of course it's ridiculous, criminal even, but that's pretty much everything that evil Pelosi and her cronies are doing.

MIDESSA 3 months

Come on be honest it is hilarious watching the full on punchdrinkers trying so desperately to spin their epic screw up to literally anyone that's available. From antifa to BLM to Democrats in general. The slow to catch ons have the right to their opinions to but its hilarious to watch in real time.

michael 3 months

I'd like to punch that reporter in the face, you can rough up suspects, I'm sure you'll get a pardon, When the looting starts, the shooting starts, We have to be strong. This election was rigged. We are going to march on the capitol. Pence is going to stop this fraud, and if he doesn't I'm not going to like him very much. Followed by shouts of hang Mike pence. Yes, you clearly don't want violence.

_tallman 3 months

Dems are afraid of Trump 2024, otherwise they wouldn't be flailing, trying to prevent him from ever running again: Change My Mind™

Seekster 3 months

Its not ridiculous. Spreading this unproven claim about widespread voter fraud and a stolen election eventually led to the Washington riot. The Democrats actually have a legitimate reason to impeach Trump for once. However his impeachment is unnecessary as he won't be President in a week anyway.

Sergio 3 months

THIS bullshit should scare everyone in to being woke about the communist liberals ruining our country and trying to screw everyone that doesn't follow their nonsense

Ryan 3 months

The impeachment process is about weighing which is more dangerous for the country: removing a president, or allowing him to remain. My take is that impeachment would protect us from any future president or elected official attempting to circumvent elections with mob insurrections. If you know anything about Shay's Rebellion, you might draw parallels. This situation is exactly what the framers included impeachment in the Constitution. So that congress could decide what is worse. The president or the fight. Right now, I think the president is dangerous. He will use his remaining days to attempt to subvert the people through executive orders and policy changes that only hurt relationships (like Taiwan).

jamie 3 months

Everyone that sees Trump and his supporters as the problem with America can’t get past calling them traitors, Along with much worse names long enough to understand why they are so loyal to Trump and fix the problem that caused that blind loyalty in the first place.

Foy 3 months

Progressive elites want violence though. They will continue with this scheme until the conservative base is angered then they will say "see Trump is dangerous". Even though all the while he is calling for no violence. Propaganda.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Same song and dance you still need 2/3 rds Senate to going along with this nonsense. You might get to 54 maybe 55 but no where near 67 so nice try

Sharon 3 months

The absolute stupidity of Trump supporters is difficult to grasp. If he is not IMPEACHED for this what good is the Constitution.

gunnar 3 months

Trump is finished. Gagged by social media, major GOP donors have pulled funding, Forbes warns that Trump enablers are toxic hires, the Dow opened up 1100 at a record high when the election was called for Biden and has stayed at record highs since, most of his cabinet has bailed and sane Republicans know he's poison. The Capitol riot was the last straw. Impeachment is a sure thing and conviction is very possible. The entire Trumpist movement is a cancer that has to be excised or it will destroy the GOP.

Adam 3 months

If they somehow succeed l, there will definitely be a civil War but it's for "healing" and "unity". I don't like the guy either but what a bunch of BS.

William 3 months

As mentioned above, "The forces of evil" seek to divide us as a people in order to conquer us as a nation. Seriously, the democratic party has been talking about getting rid of the electoral vote for years, the democratic party is upset that a protest/riot took place in the capital, but that same party was perfectly fine with buildings, vehicle s being burned and shop's being looted, even though the constitution states that the people have the right to overthrow the government, the Trump supporters have the constitution on their side, unlike the thugs burning much of the country because they wanted some free stuff.

Johnny 3 months

Bunch of delusional trumpers in the comments that keep acting like staging an attempted coup isn’t grounds for immediate impeachment.

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